Sunday, 14 June 2015

The end of Greece.

To me.

I woke up recently with obvious, very strong Extra terrestrial feeling and an image of an old man in my head ... (?)

Anyway, it struck me immediately that Greece is not part of the positive agenda. Or who knows what agenda it is part of. But I can imagine as I am looking at Greece and thousands of people around the earth are also, that negative entities are watching these developments and pushing the agenda.

Did you see David's last post? About the zombies. Also how he pushed Corey who is saying some slightly unusual things about David. Anyway, I've also just given up on films. Terminator appears to be true, at least the Terminator 2 villain. Highlander has elements of truth. Stargate, all of them, are essentially a documentary series. Night of the Living Dead has elements of truth. Star Trek has a lot of truth. Fringe has truth. Matrix has truth, or at least some sort of agenda. Perhaps human beings cannot produce media that isn't true on some level! The available models for what happens to people just punctures reality. Like Einstines 'thought experiments'.

Anyway, I can't relax when watching films. I memorise them too realistically anyway.

So what's left, what do you DO with your time if you don't watch TV, aside from very occasionally, perhaps a documentary, don't engage in indulgences such as alcohol or the resultant zombie socialising.

Well, I am a healthy person. I eat properly. Now it's time to actually do the 'exercise' part of this, starting with stretching. I am soon to volunteer.

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