Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Had to repoduce this, it felt important.

Feel free to disregard:

I just wanted to say something here because someone said something to me on divinecosmos to which I responded. But it was so energetically effective for me to have expressed this that it is just continuing to expand, like a late Jupiter activation.

I fear this is rambling and no one will be reading but nevertheless, I am holding onto the energy.

Here is the conversation starting with me:

Someone bought up something there about 'transcient' information. (Had to seriously cut words here.)

My view on this is as follows. So my ideal life would be, with a girl I love, singer songwriting career, increased health and my family happy.

I may experience the following: A) Girls play vicious games and even though have positive feelings for me, push down these because it is more enjoyable to 'reject' me than admit their feelings and vulnerability.

These things cannot be beat. I cannot polarise positively in this manner and the neo liberal feminist social order, that allows women to behave in whatever way they want, especially if its nasty, will prevail as greater force.

Therefore, as in session 69 (although on a far smaller scale) When the environment is to negative positive polarity is simply not allowed,

Then someone quoted me back with:

@#35 Joe: "... & the neoliberal feminist social order, that allows women 2 behave in whatever way they want, esp if it's nasty, ..."

Living in a female body this life, I damned well will behave in whatever way I want. Why define souls in female bodies as humans who s/ be controlled? (By u?!)

And here is my response to that, it's lost the raw emotion of when I first said it but it will have to do:

I knew that would be picked up, I almost felt as it was.

To explain this I will use the dreaded hypothetical. Hopefully a simple and relevant one.

Let's take the situation between a man and a girl A) legitimate chemistry that is meant to be and suits both but opens a huge painful vulnerability between the two B) chemistry where one of the two partners is not legitimately invested and perhaps is hiding something.

In situation A the girl has the option of rejecting the mans attention, therefore turning positive chemistry and 'love' into negative energy. This way she gets to feel the pleasure of rejecting the man and the neo liberalist feminist order will back her up if she decides to play 'victim' and will demonise the man.

When the neo liberalist order comes down and genuiness is no longer distorted by 'manners' and neo liberalism, and also for B when psychic skills are more easily available. These patterns will end.

This is also influenced by women put on a pedastool and so able to take huge liberties in relationships in general.
This is admittedly far worse than my bring4th comment that had the rawness of feeling. I would also like to specify this is the only thing I have experienced with girls. Game playing. I percieve it is easier for girls to behave like this and they will always take the easy way out lacking in courage.

Therefore, if a sensible relationship with a girl is a requirement for positive polarity (If...) then I am going to have problems.

Yes Free will is assured, but so is karma, for these two and all lnvolved.
And when I say that's ALL I've experienced game playing. While not factually 100% of the time accurate there have been some game playing to which the girl has gone to real effort to imply etc. I.e. hiding relevant details to last minute. It is an impressive amount of effort sometimes. They are 'vampires.'Not family or anything just a good deal of the girls I have met.
I'm not getting off third density am I?

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