Sunday, 21 June 2015

Two case studies and lying.

I have started to wonder if the secret to being able to tell the truth about things is simply to be psychic.

Two girls. One of them an old friend from University. She said something on her status about not liking Nigel Farage and mentioned one or two things about man- made global warming. I did not respond to the one about Nigel Farage but I did about the one on global warming, and in a related matter (vote rigging) and on my facebook in general I took UKIP's side, and explained why. With masses of information, partly about the EU.

The second one a friend of a friend, whom I was starting to form a friendship with but was perhaps halted at one point by the fact a guy who is NOT her boyfriend (?) but that I thought was showed possessiveness and jealousy when I was near them. This guy might have actually been her boyfriend and my friend may have been fibbed to who knows.

While talking on a related subject I mentioned the wisdom behind what a UKIP MEP had said and she said that she hadn't believed it because it came from UKIP. I asked her to explain a time when UKIP had lied and she quoted a guardian article at me that they were racist, but not any evidence to that fact, I then brought up info. on how the BBC was lying she ignored.

I challenged her and explained in detail how UKIP's policies are not racist and she noted my data and did not argue it but continued to call UKIP racist, based on nothing.

Now I have laid it out like that I am starting to realise that my friend who was in relationship with this girl. His opinions, and he gets extremely angry about these, are that I should not seperate from her because of this, or hold it against her. The reason, that she indicated was that she is too 'simple' to know these things. That she is 'not bothered'.

And this is the subject of this blog. It is one thing that women in particular do in my belief. They pretend they're stupid to avoid the confrontation and play the damsel in distress in order to advance their goals.

And part of the proof for me personally is the first girl, she really was a bit simple and unbothered with the massive social issues I am involved in. But how did I know? Not through great protestations of innocence but she put up a photo, of her family, and I just knew.

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