Sunday, 29 January 2017

Minor updates.

Here is what David Wilcock has to say in two minor recent updates:

Here: "This is just one day after we finished taping Cosmic Disclosure, right in the midst of while all sorts of massive breakthroughs are going on, some of which cannot be discussed." 

My emphasis.

And here"Furthermore, Universal Law states that once an attack like this is attempted, many positives can be authorized to occur in the aftermath.

For this same reason we may have some even more impressive breakthroughs that emerge in the aftermath of this near-miss."

Meanwhile, the world is up in arms over a minor policy shift in direction. Donald Trumps so called 'Muslim ban'.

This is very small change and very boring news. Although the cultural strength of the pushback against Muslims in general is persistent... and peoples tolerance of Theresa May's 'judgement' of Donald Trumps policies are not particularly high.

Nevertheless, it is a very shallow piece of news that will soon be gone.

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