Thursday, 12 January 2017

Sci fi fiction Dark Matter. Left wing establishments cannibalism.

After having read this article I have watched the whole two seasons of 'Dark Matter'.

Although the overview of this article is extremely correct, it gets a lot of the little details wrong:
Corey spoke of an aggressive and malevolent A.I. that infected and destroyed planets and galaxies in the past. In the show the crew encounter an A.I. when they activate a back-up holographic android later in the show. The A.I. would interface with the crew and cause them to have violent hallucinations based on fears they all had.
The A.I. caused the android to dream when she was in her regeneration/charging cycle to distract her while the A.I. took over the ship. The infected computer was attempting to kill the crew and destroy the android and almost succeeded.
The A.I. did not cause the android to dream, the Android was dreaming anyway. There is another such inaccuracy in this article and probably a few more if I read more closely but it is hardly that important.

Dark Matter is a fantastic show, here is my comment on that article:
Another thing worth mentioning in the show is that it is a well written adult show. The first season moves slowly and the movement forward on the main plot points seems to take forever, but because it has been done properly, there is a foundation, later on the more minor nuances in the plot can be brought up and we can have more of a depth to the show.
There is little immaturity of the script and characters that is usual for some of these sci fi shows. There are proper adult jokes and there are not ongoing situations which stretch plausibility although of course it being fiction they are there in small doses.
You feel like the show respects its audience.
One of the adult jokes was when two of the characters that practiced combat, a man and a woman, had been sleeping together and another of the characters is winding them up about it.
Boon: You two were very noisy last night, you must have been training hard.
Nyx: (awkwardly) Yes... training... with staffs and batons.
Boon: Did you make it to grappling?
At the very end of the two seasons the idea of a 'corporate war' is introduced, or rather built upon.

With these corporate space programs and right here on earth, there is only unity from within certain groups because the people or groups at the top of the pyramid are able to keep everyone in order through intimidation. However, at the moment the people at the top of the pyramid have been taken down a few notches. This is an ongoing process, but Hillary was about to be put in by people that are very close to the negative ET's. Now that she has lost the whores in the corporate media are trying to find their footing.

Recently, buzzfeed has taken a step wrong and not checked its sources, having been trolled amazingly by 4chan; I'm sure you are familiar with the story. (4chan is proving to be an effective political force). Other news sources have turned against buzzfeed. Some of whom dipped a foot into buzzfeeds clickbait story, and some of whom avoided it, the left wing news sites that avoided it though listed here by GuidoFawkes. However, the Guardian who did not repeat the buzzfeed story has previously publicised false reports on the increase in 'hate crimes' post Brexit, they are the same kind of organisation that uses the same tactics; clearly though, it is not profitable to be associated with this kind of thing at the moment.

Thus we see the left cannibalising their own, which is epic. The unity of the anti Trump movement has slipped. When was the last time we saw the left wing press turn on another member of the left wing press?

Thus it is similar in some ways to this fictional 'corporate war'. As Trump moves forward and it becomes less profitable to be left wing, how much will these corporations turn against each other? and in what other ways are corporations likely to be pitted against each other to the benefit of the rest of us? We have already seen that Trump is able to influence this group of individuals by his bringing car manufacturing back to the US.

In the absence of a false war between nations controlled by the same interests, we might see companies turn on each other more often.

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