Thursday, 5 January 2017

News and it's social effects. Personal positive results.

Wow, so four Black Lives Matter 'activists'. Might better be called 'insurgents'. Kidnapped and beat a white Trump supporter for being a white Trump supporter. Shouting things like 'Fuck Trump', 'Kill all white people' slashing him with a knife and making him drink from the toilet. Not killing him though.

I wonder if it's even trending on twitter. The mainstream media is not reporting it but Gab is up in arms. As they rightfully should be.

I'll probably go to work now and not go any further into the details but I don't doubt Stefan Molyneux will cover it in depth. I do think though, all over America people will start arming themselves, training for physical combat, groups will start up or take a new direction. This changes the game. The media will lose their status as gate keepers against the darkness of human nature. It just feels to me on an intuitive level that sensible thinking people will not let this one rest.


I have talked recently about how a new sleeping potion has been hugely effective for me. It has one unexpected benefit. Previously, a large part of why I would 'release my lower energies' would be when I was ground down by insomnia. But now this is not the case.

With the root energies more present my perspectives have changed slightly. Even if these side effects do not seem positive I will keep them and have faith they are for the best like some sort of 'mystical path'. I am thinking more materialistically. Wondering more about my physical situation and with my new energy wondering if I can push myself in certain ways. Also, materialistically thinking... I've been thinking 'I would like this or that' and more concerned with personal appearance as a whole.

I believe very strongly in a metaphysical energy way of seeing the world. Previously, some times when I have masturbated is when a girl has been in my reality and I have been 'stimulated' by 'real energy' (momentary attraction during the day). I have released without being consciously aware that the girls energy is the motivation. However, now, if a girl sends me that energy of attraction, I will likely be able to not release my lower energies thus in some way the chemistry and connection changes.

Also, I am beginning to understand the perspective a bit more of people that do not believe things will change when I have passionately believed otherwise. I am more aware of closely felt material reality and can imagine nothing changing for zillions of years now. It is an animal sense of projecting into the future.

However, the new energy will likely make me more equipped for the future. More aware of any potential future problem with food. More likely to do press ups and stuff (stopping the soy helped there too!) It is an exciting time, although I have been here before energy wise I now feel I have returned to a good feeling. It is a brave new world.

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