Monday, 23 January 2017

Helix... A great TV show!

Things are progressing extremely fast at the moment in the area of politics. However, I am not going to comment on that in this article. As though I was talking about a Unicorn, that I might mention the changes going on enthusiastically, and then they might disappear proving to have been too fragile.

I'm playing 'wait and see'!

However, one thing I can't get out of my head. A great TV series I saw recently... HELIX!

I have talked before about 'The Mentalist' and I struggle to find entertainment that is intellectually interesting. HELIX satisfies that intellectual need. The series is fantastic.

It is full of disclosure (or is it?). It is acted by Billy Campbell... BILLY CAMPBELL. One of the actors I really enjoy even when he is playing a side role. It also features Jeri Ryan! One who combines physical sexuality, beauty and good acting in a way that increases a persons enjoyment of whatever she stars in.

This is going to have some spoilers. But it is not going to mention things that wouldn't be easy to get. The show does have things in it that are original, but most of what happens in it are staples of modern sci fi of it's sub genre:

Novovirus: An outbreak of a virus that has been created by a group of researchers in the arctic. Two functions are outlined for it:

 - To change humans in some way, to deliver a genetic change.

 - To aid in depopulation.

The Ilaria Corporation: When there is some sort of arrests or disclosure, I'm wondering when these sorts of corporations will be exposed. In this show is a corporation that is pulling all the strings, that funded research into the Novovirus, and has it's hand in everything enough to be able to influence the entire world.

What is its equivalent is in real life... Monsanto? Or is that too mainstream? Would such a corporation be even further into the deep state? Any corporation with links to Soros, Kissinger and other globalists would be suspect.

The Immortals: Crossing a bit into the unusual now (Ha!) But this film features people that are immortal, (perhaps not disclosure, just an interesting fiction), however such people have been mentioned by David Wilcock in passing and it would be very interesting if they turned out to be pulling a lot of the strings. The reverence with which some of the characters hold the immortals and immortality leans the show towards the discussion of such things in the real world. It is treated as though it is linked to an angelic way of being, the immortals having silver eyes that they cover through contacts. Although what I have heard about them from David Wilcock is of beings who are tired of it all, been through a lot of suffering and just want to die! Still, the immortal concept is a very interesting idea!

It is not such concepts that make a show. Two mysterious things about Helix... One: The Creator of the show is not on wikipedia. His name is but no details are there. and Two: The funding for the show seemed to be above what you might suspect for a 'crappy syfy show'. There are many large rooms, there are many labs, and secret doorways and accurate looking scenes in the snow.

The show was discontinued after season 2 (Is the barrier to creating really good, intellectually stimulating shows, that these shows then have low viewing? That would be annoying.)

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