Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Voter Fraud, Trump, Italy and Google!

So, the Donald is getting down with some stuff!

This is one I am really, really excited about, although it is an 'investigation' that does not yet have a date of potential completion:

Zerohedge: Trump To Launch "Major Investigation Into Voter Fraud"

This is one of the most important political issues in my opinion. What's the point of elections if they are fraudulent? One of the strongest drivers of real political change seems to be voting at the moment!

Another headline which I must have seen on twitter but does not have a headline on ZH is 'Trump states he will send in the Feds if Chicago does not sort out its crime problems'. This headline as well:

Zerohedge: Austin Becomes Ground Zero For Sanctuary City Battle As Texas Governor Vows To Cut State Funding

On top of this, there is also beginning the work on the Mexico wall and other executive orders on immigration!

These changes together are fantastic and have the result of not allowing liberals to work against humanity and to find self important ideas to hide behind (i.e. Hillary won the popular vote! One thing that liberals have confronted me with when I get in a rare conversation with them on twitter.) Vote rigging is a huge deal in England and a source of much frustration to me personally. Nigel Farage was definitely rigged out of South Thanet and now all news of 'Tory election expenses scandal', surely a less important part of the electoral fraud, have been forgotten.

It was this rigging that has lead to a drip by drip destruction of UKIP as Douglas Carswell was able to win his Clapton seat, so Nigel being rigged out and Douglas being kept in, seeing as Douglas acts like some sort of Tory stooge, has been very destructive to UKIP!

Imagine the ripple effect if voter fraud was proven to have happened in America! Who culturally is very close to England. This could really bring a subject that has been utterly suppressed into mainstream awareness. This is also true of many other places that are having elections soon, France, the Netherlands, Germany and potentially Italy.

Another thing is Trumps free market attitude to Chicago. Chicago is suffering because the police are frightened of arresting, and sometimes justifiably killing black criminals. Everyone knows that Trump is not going to penalise policemen for shooting black criminals, so he expects results. Either they arrest black criminals or are justifiably thought of as incapable and have the Feds moved in!

This is all very exciting. Although I will be paying attention to the Antarctica angle of David Wilcock I do not think it will happen. There has as of yet been no news of anyone arresting Hillary has there? I do not think such people will get on with things but Trump will!

Two other minor pieces of news:

Zerohedge: Italy Closer To Early Elections After Constitutional Court Modifies Election Law

Although thought of as an advantage to the establishment candidates in Italy, there are a lot of surprises as of late and an earlier election of about June is very exciting, because even against the odds the Five Star movement may get into power!

I only link to articles that I have actually read and I haven't read this article (sometimes article headlines are misleading), but Zerohedge has reported that Google has blocked 200 "fake news" sites from its searches.

Everything I do on the internet is google related! I have a gmail account, this is a google blog, I use Google Chrome, Google Play and Google search engine.

All of these except potentially Google Play (the provides a unique service as far as I am aware), I will be transitioning away from. I have already stopped the search engine and internet browser. The others are going to take a little longer and I have less time being back at work.

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