Friday, 20 January 2017

So here we have a 'new beginning'.

There is only very small evidence of changes at the moment, including all reference to Global Warming being wiped from the White House Presidential Website. (YES!)

For me personally though, I am hungry for more information on extra terrestrial disclosure. I am watching a series at the moment called 'Helix' on Netflix, which hinted at disclosure of certain things but then killed off the character that was having those insights and carried on without any reference to them. It has great characters and looks and feels very well funded. It is a sci fi show I don't know where the profit comes from there.

I just saw on Divine Cosmos comments 'Travellers' is another good one!

What next? Donald Trump meets with Putin. Da'esh fails. The media takes a walloping somehow and cannot pass any of its 'fake news' garbage.

I have been a little panicky about Obama still being in office and now I can relax a little. The conspiracy media has not been in the position of being on the same side as the elected government before and their narrative must necessarily change.

Exciting times. All a bluster at the moment. But come new year of January 22nd and things will no doubt shift. Also Saturday 28th January at 0:00, we have a new moon at Aquarius 8 degrees. This will be square my Pluto and opposing my Venus (which conjuncts my sun) almost exactly. Although when there are few opportunities sometimes these things do not manifest much. Also, transiting Mercury is going to have another conjunction with transiting Pluto around this time.

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