Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Thoughts on EU and martial arts

Ah, while I planned to say loads of things I am just too exhausted to do so. So I am just going to do the 'diary entry' format today that I won't push on Gab or facebook (Gab might be being DDOS'd. I couldn't log in just before I wrote this, site was down).

In a general sense, I believe change is on the horizon; that is obvious. But what I mean is that completely unpredictable events can happen and change everyones experience very quickly. For instance, it is not on the cards now and no one is even considering it, but I imagine if something suddenly changed with the EU, EU nationals in the UK might be suddenly forced to depart. The Euro might collapse. Information on extra terrestrials and/ or satanism might finally be released to the public. Mass arrests. Hyper- inflation of a Western country. Big things can happen very quickly once the ball starts rolling.

This is it, in the next six months some big things might be happening.

Personally, yesterday I just went out for a job, did some squats and press- ups and stretching. Wow my body is protesting today. Aching all over and strained.

I have been thinking about combat. When I was young I used to do martial arts competition fighting. I rarely actually went to the tournaments but I was motivated to find out how to defend myself should I need to. I used to read books on combat from which I did learn a bit but not a lot. There were so many rules that got in the way of any real fighting.

However, what I have learnt from just watching a little UFC, martial arts films and memory:

  • In a martial arts movie if the protagonist punches someone they are immediately immobilised, grapples and twists are considered effective. In real life/ UFC people get punch, feel the pain, but basically continue fighting unhindered.
  • Most punching goes to grapple. Clearly in a karate tournament it does not but this is the tournament's error. Once you are close enough to punch, grapple is the next thing.
  • Even though kicks are considered not a good method in streetfighting books. In UFC they are very effective and can lead to knockouts.
  • The key to effective kicking would seem to me to be stretching! When you are young it is hard to get the boring foundations working without encouragement but the foundations are very relevant.
  • Another thing that means karate tournaments and competition fight training are not effective is that the techniques used in them are designed for points. But some of the techniques that might be very effective in a streetfight might seem too brutal in competitive martial arts. For instance, one of my most devastating moves that I can remember is a jumping roundhouse to the mid section. Against pads this really makes a smack but to do that to someone repeatedly in karate class would seem too brutal. On the street I think it would be effective if accuracy was assured.
  • One of the weaknesses of UFC is that the competitors are bare chested, which means that the grapple techniques used in judo that would be very effective in real life with clothes to pull on, are not available in UFC. One of these such examples is when someone is advancing to put a foot in their stomach and roll back taking them with you. Judo on concrete would be highly effective.
So that's all I have to say today. I am very interested in the current transits and think we will see a lot of movement on the mainstream media angle after January 8th. The mainstream media not being aware of such things are enjoying Mercury retrograde where things do not progress in the retrograde. Blissfully thinking they are safe as their 'Russian Hacking' narrative is slowly getting taken apart. When things progress against them without their being able to use lies as their aid, they will be very unhappy.

On the news side of things from order-order it is great news this UK- EU diplomat has been gotten rid of!

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