Saturday, 14 January 2017

Kevin from Home Alone is the Saw Killer. Trumps Inauguration. NHS hospitals.

I just heard another one of these weird film conspiracy theories, it seems that Jar Jar Binks was Darth Plaguis and Lenny from the Simpsons is Maggies father, little things slipped into these programs that completely undermine the warm feeling you have for these characters, then there's this:


The actors do look very similar and the methodologies of his house traps were also a similar psychology to Saws, also, a serious look at the Home Alone films from a medical perspective reveals severe injury and even death to the robbers attacking Kevin! It definitely adds a complete darkness to this family film and a childhood memory! I can't imagine these things are going to be revealed at some point in the future, but then if things do start getting revealed I can't imagine these film plots won't be.

Trumps inauguration.

I, along with the rest of the world I think, am starting to feel a bit tense about Trumps inauguration. We are inside the week. Inside that 7 day period. We know the leftist establishment is planning something. We don't think it's going to work but it would be nice to get the inauguration finished anyway!

My last blog included the fact that as things get tense these corporates will be turned against each other, rather than being subservient to a totalitarian power. Soon after I wrote that blog I saw this post that reveals that one of Trumps policy ideas is that pharmaceutical companies would bid against each other:

Natural News: Draining the Pharma swamp: Donald Trump announces plan to hammer Big Pharma’s monopoly profits by requiring competitive bidding for government drug purchase contracts

I can't imagine what it will be like when Trump gets in. His administration will no doubt incentivise good behaviour in other countries. There will be a tremendous ripple effect across the whole world. 

NHS Hospitals:

England sees the NHS in crisis. Theresa May has fallen back on the usual globalist tactic of scapegoating and blamed GP surgeries, who will retire early, leave, and go off with stress now they are unreasonably required to do more. This is such a communist way of thinking. Force people to work harder to cover up your inadequacies.

We will soon find out more about Britains exit from the European Union. The deadline for triggering article 50 is close. 

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