Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Biography of an English social worker.

So, added on to my last post.

Let me tell you about a man. He grew up in South London, a somewhat rough area and a working class family. From his earliest memories, since he was three years old, he was obsessed with two things; classical music and sex.

A Cancerian. He used to go to second hand stores looking for classical records. Some of his important memories were as follows: His parents, being poor getting him a music player of his own... he cried, and going to the shop to buy cheese and seeing a woman with a nice ass, and he followed her down the alleyway until he lost sight of her and then went home.

Another experience was when he nearly died of an asthma attack and he died, a room full of purple coloured people appeared and he came back to life infront of his mother.

His father died when he was aged nine. As he also died when his later daughter was aged nine, and as his son first met him at the age of nine. His mother was a harder woman though and it seems his life started to get worse after his father passed.

In Junior school he was a tough person, and took on the school bully. Bending his arm behind his back to force him to submit. Secondary school though it seemed to go wrong. He could have gone to two schools. One was a musical school down the road where people were always taking musical instruments in and out and one was the one he went too. The one his parents chose for him to go to was the rougher one.

Things had gotten bad at home. He had glasses, he was fat, he had asthma and the teachers were worse than the bullies who used to cane people and break their arms for no good reason. Unsurprisingly the only gang he ever joined was one that went into schools late at night and smashed up the furniture. During this time he was witness to a lot of peadophilia that was out in the open in those days. Everyone knew it was going on.

As he grew older he learned to stand up to his mother. When he first lost his virginity his mother and aunt came in and stared at him to try to force him to stop but he just carried on.

The following chronology of exactly how the next part of his life worked out is not known to this poster. But at some point he was homeless and got off the streets. Throughout his life from six onwards he drunk whisky regularly. Towards the end of his life this was a chronic condition that was so severe that his body would not respond to morphene because his liver was so experienced.

We are now in England some time between the 60's and 80's. After working with television equipment and stopping when the equipment became too advanced, he moved on to social work, through the medium of doing masses of volunteer work and a lot of study. However, once there, rather than actually helping them many girls in his care he simply slept with them. These were often underage but only to the tune of about 15 and there were limits to this behaviour. He considered it sadistic to sleep with someone below the age where their reproductive organs were capable of functioning because it 'would only cause pain'.

During his social work he was driven mad to no end by political correctness, where you were no longer allowed to say 'black board' and where rather than black coffee you used to have to say 'the coffee without milk in it.'

A strict legal definition would describe this person as a peadophile while his own definition did not. Notable however was that this person came in contact with paedophiles who were raping their own children. However, he was not aware of these facts because he was someone that was easy to manipulate. He often drank, slept with girls easily, and was essentially snoozing on the job. The vulnerable women who crossed his path did not receive help in the professional sense of the word.

He was thrown out of social work for, ironically, someone accusing him of sleeping with one of the clients he did not sleep with! Now how's that for irony? He found the study too exhausting to appeal the decision. Throughout his life, in the opinion of this person, he maintained a lack of an ability to understand the inner psychology of someone who was a victim of peadophilia, and did not think at all about examples he was given where paedophilia was being practiced. Perhaps because he had seen so much of it and he was desensitised.

After he was thrown out of social work he went to a shop where he lived his first love... Music. Where he stayed until he died.

He had two children with different wives and a marriage before either one that caused a great deal of emotional damage but that this poster does not know about in detail. He never touched his children in any inappropriate way and genuinely adored them both although was absentee for the first part of his sons life, he then met his son once a week for the remainder.

His daughter he was always there for however, he got rhuematoid arthritis when she as about 5 and had also turned to drink. Life with his third wife was not ideal, saying she 'lacked empathy' would be an understatement and the long term condition caused him an excruciating amount of pain. When he died at only 59 the hospital kept him alive for a while but it was very clear that his body was falling apart. Each organ seemed to fail in turn and was being kept together only be surgeries, machines, drugs and interventions.

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