Sunday, 8 January 2017


So, contrary to my last post that talked about using violence to solve a minor dispute, in general it is my preference to not solve things using violence. The person involved that I did find annoying was under stress at the time because he was in conflict with our employer that was not paying him, so although the 'sexual harassment' is not a behaviour brought on by stress the deeply annoying behaviour might have been.

I am unwell at the moment, almost bed ridden. My chest is on fire. It is also this background feeling that made me think more in violent terms most likely.

So, my blog today will likely be along the more personal and unfocused variety.

Firstly, I was thinking how annoyed I am on facebook because of the lack of interaction. I have had many friends that have broken contact over various things and am starting to feel less positive about these people than I had previously. One of these people when I am going to meet him never can meet because he is always hungover... There are other problems with people. Facebook keeps you in a general social orbit of certain people. They can talk about you if you are on facebook. 'Is Joe still posting x on facebook?' etc. But to deactivate facebook is to remove even a thought based familiarity with such people.

There is a warmth I get from the platform. It is more personal than others. It is also a good way to stay in contact with people that you are in contact with. After I decided to deactivate my facebook however I saw this:

I don't know if Gab can keep my social media needs afloat but it just might.

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