Friday, 6 January 2017

Free market may just rear its head!

Zerohedge: California Farmers Fret Over Labor Shortages As Trump Vows To Deport Their Work Force

What this says is that farmers in California have many (illegal) Mexican workers, without these workers who are doing hard labour for many hours a day in the hot sun, the farmers are worried they are going to struggle to find labour.

One of the interesting things about a Trump Presidency is that when these "problems" are presented, and assumedly when they are solved to no ill effect, this can then become a model elsewhere. The next group who wants to claim they "need" migrant labour will be met with examples of... 'Well the farmers in California survived.'

Slavery was one of the things that held back Roman society and American society for a long time. After America's plantation slavery ended, there started to be a revolution in farming technology to increase productivity. This is the same thing talked about in the article. When there is endless slave labour there is no impetus to improve the technology. Which is thought to be why the Romans never had an industrial revolution.

With any luck, there are going to be a thousand little ways in which the free market rears its head and starts decapitating non performing businesses filled with useless and unproductive senior managers, in the near future. With the election of Le Pen and the exit of France from the Euro; the increase in employment in all Eurozone countries, this is just good all round.

Brexit though is taking it's time. The march deadline is creeping forward and still we hear nothing. It is good that the selfish bureaucratic class is finally having it's deadline creep up. That moment when they actually have to do something other than talk. The remainers are probably in the place of emotionally convincing themselves Article 50/ Brexit will never happen.

About 14 days until Trumps inauguration. Two weeks! Two weeks is nothing and Mercury goes direct in two days. I have noticed when looking at the astrology that the sun is approaching conjunction with Pluto. This is a good analogy with this BLMKidnapping. Rather than it being actually about what that deep area is actually about, the cabal in our institutions. It seems to have taken on a more shallow, but still deeply indicative manifestation.

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