Sunday, 15 January 2017

Lighter side of the liberal agenda psychology.

Previously I have tried to understand the psychology of remainers and other liberal types. Mostly I've come up with that they lock everyone else but their own perspective out of their social circles and feel angered when they meet this perspective again.

Just before the EU referendum I found a bunch of remainers and searched through their tweets. I found a completely uniform set of viewpoints and common beliefs that were not challenged amongst any of them.

Just now, I looked at another remainer/ liberal on twitter and saw another aspect to this behaviour. Amongst the more mainstream sort of person, a point of annoyance amongst some of my previous Gabbers, there is a tendency to quote these 'inspirational' sayings. The Law of Attraction mentality. This mentality always seems to obliterate social causes as a legitimate concern and focus on self help ideas as the solution to problems, from experience I know this often, but not always seems to imply that anyone who is not at their enlightened level of contentment is that way through their own doing.

These self help quotes are far more common among women. We all know that through observation. It is something about the female psychology that seeks to make themselves feel better through this mechanism.

I have mentioned before, and quite specifically in my last post, that the environment we are in is one that is difficult and that a lot of people are not doing well. Normally, in a less broken environment perhaps these women, some of them very attractive, would get that sense of good feeling from the men in their lives. This makes sense. However, this liberal/ feminist agenda that criminalises the men these women may like, has probably pushed these women away from these men. it has also made many men broken and simply not in a good enough place to pursue women.

It is easy to not look at their own behaviour and how it may be effecting the world, it is easier for these women to consider alt right ideas to be 'bad' and to consider their own emotional preferences to be 'good'. Thus they promote feminism. One example of a feminist goal might be to protect 'children' from domestic violence. When they say this however, they do not care about the men who are falsely accused of domestic violence for the womens preferential treatment, for the womens preference. It feels morally righteous to only look at their own side of these things, and, if they're honest with themselves, if they are ever in a bind and emotionally feel it is justifiable they intend to simply lie and, in this instance, say the man was physically abusive when he wasn't.

It is all very neat and subtle but what it is is the refusal to take responsibility and the naturally toxic effect this has.

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