Sunday, 15 January 2017

Deep States plan and general political news.

This is David Wilcocks update regarding the deep states plan:

Stillness in the Storm: David Wilcock Update: "Ancient ruins in Antarctica were just announced, with new intel, on Coast to Coast AM" January 13th, 2017: (Video and Mp3)

What he is saying is that what these people are doing is that they know they are going to be arrested in some sort of war crimes trial when Obama gets in, but what they want is for information on extra terrestrial technology in Antarctica to be released so that after these events the populace relaxes and consider the deep state peeps to be 'OK people'.

Part of this thinking is the idea that people are going to be overwhelmed by the new information and the change in paradigm after the Atlantis information is released and we are shown certain space programs, Deep Space Nine kind of space stations in our atmosphere. Also possibly some extra terrestrials.

They believe that people are too sensitive to be able to handle this information, which is why they are justifying 'partial disclosure' rather than 'full disclosure'. The thing is if this information comes out and people are not that surprised, are not shocked and still want them to be put into jail for a very long time, then the deep state are screwed. The deep states deeply held belief that everyone is inferior is going to be the thing that destroys them.

This apparently has not stopped them from trying to control the narrative by killing people to stop the release of pizza gate information, In way of intimidation a friend of David Seaman has been murdered:

This deep state that thinks the people will be distracted by a few trinkets when close friends of investigative reporters are killed, clearly, this deep state has a somewhat skewed perspective (perhaps because they don't have a conscience and can't understand human empathy and connection?). All the parents of the children, some of which have been taken to John Podestas torture chambers and killed, these parents are going to want answers. They are not going to be distracted by some flashy equipment.

The Pizzagate investigation is getting even more interesting here:


Here are some other very interesting political developments:

There is also news that Theresa Mays upcoming speech (I believe Tuesday) is going to put forward the possibility or even certainty that Britain will leave the single market. The priority is immigration. That immigration will be stopped in the numbers it is happening in.

Tomorrow there will be the Benjamin Fulford update, and it will only be four days until the Trump inauguration... Exciting times!

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