Monday, 2 January 2017

Antidote to drinking culture?

Interesting phenomena that I briefly mentioned yesterday:

Daily Mail: Pictures that make me weep for today's young women: SARAH VINE on how British society is in the grip of an out of control binge-drinking culture

This is a very strong phenomena in England. I got bored of the drinking scene and stopped hanging out with friends because of this. Even though I was not the one to break contact officially, but not wanting to go out with them over a period of years did not help with keeping the bridges open! When one of these friends came down recently, I was not able to see him because, as every time he comes down, the days after his first night out he is too hungover to do anything. 

I don't mind that but I did get angry at him for drinking when his workplace is taking advantage of him and treating him badly, and he needs a new job!

I will just go through quickly what I think the sociological improvement might be for this. It seems to me that women, emotionally, revolve around men. Whereas men are sometimes into women and sometimes not. Women when they are talking like to go in depth about what men they are interested in might be thinking and might have meant by this or that turn of phrase. Or how they can advance their interest with the man while being indirect, and perhaps shut down men they are not so interested in.

Men, I think, will see the benefit to themselves to not drinking if there is a meritocracy. If there is something to work for and a way to enrich themselves that includes not drinking they will do it. With men broken by feminism and not so interested in women, they have little to do so express their emotional intensity by getting 'sloshed'.

I read recently that on top of this, middle aged people are drunk and obese in England. It is not looking good. The dark has won some battles here!

My idea there involves slovenly people being moved about by sociological factors and a force that is not the government. I think it is quite exciting.

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