Monday, 16 January 2017

Something breaks inside liberals Jan 20th.

Yesterday, after watching David Seaman's distress regarding the recent assassination (with aim to intimidate) of his close friend, I have thought a lot about anti semitism. I am not Jewish but it is one of the issues that distresses me.

The left will not touch it, even if they could smear the whole of Gab and the Alt Right with it, because the left are also anti- semitic (and the liberal left now also are now that they are pro "refugee"/ muslim/ palestinian), and there are parts of truth in what the anti- semites say that the liberal left do not want to address. It is true for instance that there are many Jews working in the mainstream media.

But the words did not come, I have not been able to write a blog refuting anti semitism. To bring up the whole zionist narrative, the genetic arguments regarding certain things and oppose these in arguments with the Jews we meet in the everyday world, explaining how they are not one and the same and that sometimes the light can conceal as well as reveal. This has not come...

Perhaps it will do when I have read more deeply into the subject. I have a book by Schomo Sand that I started reading, and wish to follow up many different avenues to create a unified mental picture of the issue. However, I have the 'flu' or something, I am unable to read at the moment. In this area apparently I am not able to wing it, I need to understand something before I can talk upon it. So for the moment the exploration of anti- semitism will have to go unwritten although it is something that I care about.

So I'm thinking of the actuality of Donald Trump ACTUALLY BEING IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Thinking of America over there and Donald Trump being the one in power... It will be a very exciting time... The whole narrative will shift! Theresa May talking about us coming out of the single market is also part of this upwind.

Picture if you will, a very attractive woman. A girl who is about thirty but looks about twenty. That has an inward looking exciting and clingy sexuality. An animal, who is mostly unaffected by politics and does not think about it. But she takes the feminist angle (of course) and is adept at marketing herself as the damsel in distress and getting men to work for her...

A weapon!

Also imagine large groups of migrants, who are not bad people, mostly good people. But who do not engage in political thought or discussion so much (because they are overworked perhaps), some of these are perhaps gay and part of the left wing narrative. But, like the attractive girl in the previous example (and the younger one in the last post) they hold this emotional allegiance to the left. It is not technically worked out as to its foundations, but it is still held.

Now, imagine Donald Trump getting into power and something, something indefinable changing within these groups, within a lot of these non politically active liberals. It is not clear at all because if it is spoken, it is not spoken of directly in a way that many of us would understand (English!) The girl experiences the world coming into her conception of it and a change which her tools, normally adept at dealing with the world, cannot influence.

Rather like the markets, I think liberals subconsciously expect to be looked after, they don't expect the mainstream to fail and they are willing to turn a blind eye to it's horrendous crimes so long as they get 'cheap holidays', to phrase the Remainer who deleted me off facebook just after the Brexit vote. They do, subconsciously expect the elections to be rigged and when they are not they fall into shock.

It is something indefinable that will break inside them on this day. While Alex Jones is smiling drinking champagne and Mike Cernovich is celebrating, possibly as their rioters (that have been ignored and protected by Clinton and Obama) are sent to jail. It will look like to them, the world is changing in a way that they can't control... They have no control here... and that is a symptom of why things can get better.

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