Monday, 30 January 2017

China and EU stuff.

Interesting update from Benjamin Fulford, saying that China might be planning something.

However, although it is in the woodwork, it is not likely to me that the Chinese will actually do anything, but it is an interesting idea. The Chinese are this massive totalitarian government, probably the biggest country in the world by population, a rich country, large military and a grudge honed over decades. That have stated aims of world government and increased power on the world stage.

It would at least be eventful if China finally did something rather than just grinding their axe and making threats all the time. But I'm not one of their neighbouring countries that would be invaded, so what might be eventful for me would be traumatic for others and so I would not support it.

It is unlikely to me though that any government can be particularly effective without democracy. Even rigged democracy gives an illusion of participation likely to nullify many of the citizens rebellious instincts.

But it is interesting, it seems likely to me that something is going to shift a little soon somewhere. It was surprising with Donald Trumps ban of people from danger zones that the administration did seem a bit apologetic, explaining what they mean and flip flopping on green card holders. I wonder if Trump will be slowed down a little. Theresa May saying she will bring up this internal American border policy with her US counterparts is low.

French elections are not until May and German and Norweigan elections are in September, Article 50 is said to be triggered in March and this is slow work indeed, I especially did not like Theresa's speech recently that climate change is a priority... She doesn't get it, although it was good the alternative media celebrated the part of her speech that preached non intervention. Hopefully when Article 50 happens something will actually happen it won't just be long talks that achieve nothing.

What's next is anyone's guess!

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