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Political astrology, astrology basics. Farage, May, Thatcher, Hitchens and mythology.

Basics of astrology.

I have only thought about astrology very flightingly recently, mostly to check the new moon (we are in the waning and the opening square following the new moon is when things actually happen in the political world).

But, someone I know has got freshly into astrology so I thought I would go back to it and explain some of the novelty interesting things about people and their charts. Obvious points to make a point:, the truth and political astrology:

During my periods of being interested in astrology I used to go on a forum at The place is very female as is most of the astrological world. I have seen few men do astrology. Although going on the forum was mostly positive, and sometimes, although rarely, insightful into female psychology, there was always a group of weird women in the place and this became fully manifested in the US election.

So much so that the people on there would go on for ages and ages that Trump is a liar because of this Scorpio aspect or whatever it was. I jumped in and asked, 'well if he's a liar can you name a lie?'... to which of course they couldn't; and other questions like 'If Trump is a liar then why are you angry about this policy proposal... surely he's lying about it.'

I was banned permanently from forum and I wrote emails to them about this and the situation has remained. I even wrote a post about it all called Fucking SJW's, catchy title, that does actually get to the root of their psychology I believe.

I have sidetracked, my point is that is a way some people do astrology, they focus on the astrology itself when defining political events but the truth of the political event is surely important to the interpretation of its astrology? In this way many things written by astrologers can be redefined, and where some psychology books that relate to astrology might have things such as 'projection' in them, I can usually think of a more reasonable explanation, but one that still acknowledges metaphysics.

Truth in political events.

What we get taught when we are young does effect us. I never went left in my whole life. What I did do though is passively absorb some leftist narratives, however, even when I did repeat the leftist drivel I would always include the caveat when talking about them that I had not yet done my research in the area.

So one of these is Margaret Thatcher, I believed that she was a tyrant like the left would have us believe and this informed my understanding of planetary astrology (this idea really got quashed by this video). This happened specifically in relation to Pluto, Pluto has seemed to me for a while to be 'whatever the Illuminati happen to be doing and as it passed through Scorpio I imagined that Thatchers thirst for power, Illuminati inspired was the expression of Pluto in Scorpio.

Now however I do not believe that, and have a different understanding of history. All my ideas about astrology have to be reworked under this new political information and understanding on Thatcher!

Some astrology ideas:

So, here I am building my astrological ideas in part from the ground up, but also having a lot of background information I discovered myself. Here are some basic astrology ideas that I think help people get a grip of the kind of patterns astrology can reflect:

Basics on the signs: Nigel Farage:

The full Farage chart would actually live up to the man himself. Their is a subtle profundity about how this one man seems to have challenged the forces of hell themselves and no one has been able to stop him! That the people love him!

Farage has only one point I am going to focus on. The Sun, in Aries, in the eighth house. The Sun is our lifeforce, it is the bit of us so integral we cannot tell that it is not ourselves. Farage's life force is the myth of the bull, and Aries in general are always 'fighting the world'. In the eighth house that reflects the darker parts of our nature, Nigel has managed to bright "light" (Sun) to the subject of immigration. Something very tribal in our nature that the elites and darker forces have tried to keep hidden.

Gift from the Heavens, fictional character played by Dakota Fanning.

I find that actors use their own astrology to play characters (because seriously, what else do they have to use?)

In the Steven Spielberg fictional show 'Taken', a character called Allie is a psychic little girl from a part alien ancestry. She is a spiritual saint like character that brings a feeling of love to everyone that surrounds her.

The way the show is done is fantastic. An example of the kind of thing that happens is that the little girl brings up a ghost of hologram of a mans son to talk to him about the argument they had before he died. As part of this show of intrigue, the little girls was able to intuit things about people and bring them to some sort of positive conclusion in the counseling sense of the word.

An example of that specific behaviour is when she is face to face with a very distasteful character and she says to her 'Your grandfather was not a very happy man, why are you trying to hard to be like him?'. This was the foundation of this womans character in the show, and it was right on the ball.

Dakota Fanning's astrology chart has firstly, a Pisces 12th house Sun. Pisces is to do with this heavenly, inspired realm of science and extra terrestrials and non tribal new age. (a lot of new age is Aquarian and seemingly a little tribal). So this accounts for this characters saintliness. But to explain the way she deals with people, she has Jupiter and Pluto in the seventh house. Pluto sees below the surface, Jupiter delivers the positive inspiration.

Other interesting expessions of signs of the lead in films include Marlon Brado (Sagittarius) the Mummy, Simon Baker as Patrick Jane in Mentalist and Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdene in the Hunger Games (both Leo's) and Russell Crow (Aries) in Gladiator. A small not was that I first noticed this with the human design chart with Keifer Sutherland as a Generator playing Jack Bauer

Peter Hitchens:

Some people won't know Peter Hitchens but he is a journalist, among his other interests he makes extremely good points about the legality and use of marijuana, arguing very strongly and convincingly that marijuana should be studied before any move towards legalisation, and that it is potentially harmful. (I am actually having an argument online using Peters articles with pro Marijuana types here, writing style is unmistakable, it is obvious which commenter I am.)

Here is the best article of his in my view that then links to others and gives a good overview for those who are curious:

Daily Mail, Peter Hitchens: Stupid Arguments for Drug Legalisation Examined and Refuted

Peter Hitchens chart has no time, so it is really quite a lot less accurate than the others (a more important chart in my view on this sort of astrology is usually available even if someone doesn't have the time of birth, the human design chart). However, in his chart he has Saturn and the Moon together. This means that he is emotionally strongly influence by and pulled towards a sense of discipline, that sense of law and order that is Saturn. Where the real world can interfer with any other more idealistic concerns.

This is in the sign of Libra, that is the symbol of balance and justice. Libra also often has trouble making decisions although that is not really relevant to Mr Hitchens. Libra is also an 'air' sign of 'thought'. Peter has the air of a philosopher to him.

On a very loose conjunction Neptune, which can be in a more negative manifestation drugs but is almost anything weird and hard to place your finger on. Neptune is linked with the Saturn/ Moon. (Also, Sun is in Scorpio, see next section)

Thatcher and May.

I hope no one has been waiting for this chart because there is not so much here to talk about.

The main thing to say about Thatcher is that she has a Scorpio rising and there is this thing with Scorpios, on the one hand they can be genuinely quite dark and on the other they also seem to get all sorts of darkness projected upon them which is often unearned (in my view)! (I have only ever seen the left project this darkness)

Both of them have Libra Suns, this means that they both tend to take their time to reach the right conclusion and it is based on this carefully measured sense of justice. May has a moon Pluto conjunction, I can only guess what that means but I suspect such an individual would deeply understand the Illuminati and negative forces, for good or ill!


So these are some basics, I am just about to watch a video by Gregory Mannarino before I go to bed about the idea the market might crash soon so... Exciting times!

Trumps arms deal with Saudi Arabia and statements in support of the globalist agenda in Syria are not good news, America is saying to the European Union they will not be happy if they don't treat Britain properly. he is throwing out one pro globalist narrative and an anti globalist one.

Well I'll leave the American to sort that one out!

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