Monday, 1 May 2017

SJW's using the free market:

Two examples here:

Breitbart: Liberal New York Times Subscribers Canceling in Droves over Anti-Global Warming Column

Youtube: ABitOfBritt: LUSH gets in trouble for FAT SHAMING?!

Basically, groups of people that I did not know truly existed (I sometimes wonder if these people only exist as part of the mainstream media and paid trolling campaigns.) Are using their money, i.e. the free market to enforce their fascist political correctness.

This is quite amazing, it will make victory all the more sweeter when we do finally start to make an impact in a practical way, that all these people will be whining. You can't really have victory without losers!

Another way this same group of people is pushing their agenda is in the street protests in France where the police have been SET ON FIRE:

It is worth noting that Paul Joseph Watson said about these market manipulations of Social Justice Warriors that when the company goes against them they make money. For instance, Barbie put out a fat blue haired Barbie that nobody brought. It was a marketing nightmare. Another company was put under pressure for a 'beach body ready' ad. The Social Justice mob complained and the company ignored it and went with the advert, they made loads of money.


So when things have gone wrong I have mentioned it on this blog. When I have needed to get a new job in my estimation for instance. But things have gone right now so it's only fair I mention that too. I have more hours at work. I am working at the busiest periods (mornings) but I will be doing more hours than I was before. I have also had a pay raise, an addition to the minimum wage rise.

So this is good. It will make the job more mechanical because I will be going in, working and leaving. Normally in a shift there in the afternoon there are less calls and we can in theory go on the internet or chat a little bit more, it is a more relaxed atmosphere, which is the only time I think I would be likely to strike up a conversation with someone. But I will not be experiencing that anymore but will simply be working. I am fine with that.

The place I am working at the moment it will be interesting to see the effects if there is any real social change!

My previous workplace underpaid their staff and particularly their shift runners. Those people that are mostly responsible for the overall atmosphere of the store! There has been anger amongst the workers that shift runners are underpaid and some extremely stupid responses by management when challenged by this.

When the minimum wage was put up the gap between minimum wage, i.e. worker, and shift runner was made a lot smaller. About 60p. This clearly created problems for the company the management of course ignored (I will note though it does not apply to under 25's). What will they do now that the minimum wage is the same rate as the team leader wage?

Other stuff:

I have to go to work now but there are other things to talk about, firstly, the Conservative candidate for my area was called:

Secondly, the moon cycle is going ahead well, we are in the opening square, the time of activity and there have been five or six new youtube videos on my subscriptions this morning! All very interesting.

But no time now!

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