Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Dietary choices and chaos of modern era.

I found this youtube video very instructive. Since around 2014 or a bit later, I have been on an episcatarian diet (vegan except for fish). This came about because  I was influenced by vegan ideas at the same time as having the insight that a meat that I have always disliked... Bacon, is not very nice (too fatty, apparently bacon is the meat that is most similar to human!)

But, I get pains if I don't eat meat. Really strange ones. Mostly in the legs. So I've just been eating fish for about two or three years but it struck me, what is the best diet? After I watched this video I had the thought that the diet I was on was not the best one. If you have the same food all the time you start to suffer from lack of nutrition because most food is missing certain elements.

So I had some mince meat yesterday (cow). Even though I feel a little uncomfortable from the fat in it or from the change of diet, I do feel a LOT better. I feel I have more energy and recognise my previous diet was lacking. (I feel like I'm going to vomit if I eat any more fish in the near future!)

Roaming Milennial makes some quite fantastic points here. The video is a real addition to my life!

I have a lot of information and experiences that are anti- vegan. I have noticed that vegans refuse, point blank, to accept certain things, even when it has what I would consider foolproof evidence. That is disrespectful.

This morning I have been contemplating whether, if someone's life goes off the way they had decided would be best for them i.e. if someone became a teacher say rather than being in the spotlight as a musician like they might have wanted originally. Is this second desire a result of being bullied into it by life and accepting your lot (as I have the strong belief it is in a lot of instances), or are there times when it is actually the higher positive forces guiding the person to what their real preference is?

We will no doubt find out. But related to that it seems that if my "life path" is off, I should not feel too bad as many other people's life paths are off as well? I wonder how it will look when things 'click together' or if there will be another reality entirely come along. (Like ascension)

I link this with Stefan because I find his philosophy that rejects any deeper, abstract, metaphysical life path kind of idea to be extremely grating. However, this video talks about how France has become a war zone, rather than cheese, wine, sun, beautiful women and creative people on the beach, there is just army people interfering with everything to root out terrorists and militant communists on the street setting fire to policemen!

Of course, going back to what I was saying a little while ago, the "creative people" on the beach who would normally be making music down there or something, are not doing that because the country is starting to look a bit like somewhere in the middle east! I.e. many people might be considered to be off their path, or at least that kind of path. When someone goes into 'adaption' mode and has to wrestle with political forces perhaps that is still their path in a way?

In music they say you play like your influences, I am producing a blog that is built on other youtube videos at the moment. My 'influences' are these authors. There are yet more videos and more things I have to say.

But, I'm off to work... A short shift which is very high volume and no break (that was my choice, it is not a six hour+ shift), so a bit like a 100m run in work form!

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