Sunday, 21 May 2017

World religious ideas.

Not something I want to talk about, but something I feel compelled to.

Just saying, briefly, that I believe stopping masturbation is important as a personal habit, as well as other habits such as eating properly, and twice recently I failed in the former. The second time I just went back and modified the first post rather than say it here and now have felt a blockage!

So by having said that originally, taught that masturbation is not a good habit, if I did not reaffirm it on here I would have said something publicly and practiced something different privately, which would make me a hypcorite that is a "sin". (Also, in support of this, I don't go on graphic pictures either).

So, interesting reading:

Zerohedge: World Leaders Gather In Beijing While The US Sinks Into Irrelevancy

Something you won't hear about on the BBC!

It is Benjamin Fulfords post today and there are events happening in the world. Donald Trump has gone to Saudi Arabia, should now be in Jerusalem, and is then on his way to the Vatican... These are three major religions! Islam, Judaism and Christianity... It would be interesting if something were to come of that!

It is only two and a half weeks until the UK General Election... Exciting times!

I was listening to a story late night on LBC Radio yesterday... This radio presenter was staying with friends in a house and one of the people who lived there kept away from everyone else. They never heard anything about this guy until the police went in and arrested him.

This person then messaged the radio presenter and told him that he had some things in a van and could the radio presenter check everything was OK which he did. When Ian Collins I think it was, went into the van, he saw loads of Christian things and the guy spent his days handing out leaflets about this unusual branch of Christianity.

He told Ian that what he believed was that there would be a world leader that everyone liked for a long time and that seemed to be solving all the worlds problems but that this world leader would actually be a negative person and be the antichrist!

A funny story, not one I believe (the antichrist theory!)... The Christians exist on a level that is below the level of potentiating ones own inner wisdom in the theological sense of the term. In order to resist what is coming in the sense of a change to their world view they have to make complex theories in order to justify a good thing (the truth and coming positivity) and make it a bad thing so they don't have to look at it.

Reviewing the past:

I recently explained to a younger person the whole economic crash. It sounds strange but the younger generation are not taught about what happened in 2008! Reviewing the whole thing seems quite fantastic! That things used to be more relaxed and there were more jobs and opportunities; and then there was a global financial crisis!

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