Monday, 29 May 2017

Big things happening in the world/ Synchronicity.

Pretty exciting stuff from Benjamin Fulford.

Apparently Donald Trump standing up to Nato, and Angela Merkel saying that the EU 'cannot rely on America and the UK' is code for Trump will not oppose Russia taking over Germany or France, that would fall quickly to Russia... Oh. My. God.

Would love the liberal butthurt if their pet project Germany was crushed...

I am not that well today so have far less to say. Benjamin didn't deliver in relation to the Manchester attack although he did say that England is not cabal controlled, as did David Wilcock a while ago.

A personal synchronicity is that I thought to myself:

'Well if the lightning strikes have prophesized it, it doesn't really matter what I do, because it is destined to turn out OK' Then I judged that thought:

'What a stupid, passive thing to think'! and felt angry at myself. I was at the oven striking a match... The match, which has never done this before (this brand); the head came off it and it went into my arm... There is a small red mark there now like a spot where it burrowed in.

That would be a synchronicity discouraging that second thought..

Still doesn't help me much really. I will still vote.

I have more information on Manchester being a false flag but I have to go to work now.

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