Thursday, 25 May 2017

People were so much more comfortable when politics was "irrelevant"!

Well, on a note that is probably going to be unrelated to the rest of this post... It looks like the FBI and Deep State are really cornered:

Zerohedge: FBI Refuses To Hand Over "Comey Memos" To Congress

Now I have taken a little better control of my health I am getting these lovely deep dreams. Rich with intrigue and symbology. Of course, dreams are sometimes not from a higher positive source but can be a bit more random or even misdirection from a negative source in my opinion. Nevertheless the thoughts were interesting.

Because I am saying something is translated from a dream does not mean that I think it is correct. My translation could be wrong, and this is melded in with my own thoughts it is not just the translation.

But what the dream basically seemed to say was that it is not really possible to exempt the discussion of politics from more domestic concerns because political concerns are simply the window dressing for peoples beliefs that influence how they deal with the world.

For instance, someone on the left is far, far more likely to believe women are angels that can do no wrong and this will effect their everyday behaviour. Even down to their viewpoint of movies and how we might then see movies.

The way this whole story has gone is, it seems to me people that held inner nasty beliefs that claimed no manifestation, were unable to be opposed really but now that things have gotten so tense in politics, people have been forced to manifest those viewpoints. Now that people know on a deep level things could really change.

The previous example I have given is on forum, when there was a group of very female very condescending people, but there was no manifestation of their viewpoint and when they deigned to speak to the rest of us lowly mortals there is not really a way to shake them from their self declared self importance.

However, of course once the US election got going these girls went straight over to the Hillary camp! Thus the physical manifestation of their inner selves and neurosis gained physical manifestation and then was crushed!

For years before these political ideas gained any real manifestation, the things that were clearly going to lead to these issues somewhere down the road could be safely ignored by many people. Now that it is in peoples face some people are uncomfortable with these new developments... But... Come on now! You were arrogant enough in expressing your viewpoints (that politics is irrelevant) when you weren't losing!

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