Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Analysing the enemy.

So, I suppose there are different levels of the left, some that I consider it is morally OK to 'crush' and some it is not.

For instance, in my last post I summarised that Artist Taxi Driver is on the left, but he is not really quite as ridiculously nasty and hypocritical as many on that side, his position is somewhat genuine and I don't think he is intelligent enough to understand a lot of right wing arguments.

Then you move up further to people that do understand, or have the capability to, but choose not to look at the facts because it is inconvenient for them. Like the girl whose tweets I excerpted in the last piece and the feminist movement in general.

Then, higher than that are the people who are really powerful human beings, whose behaviour matters, who are anti right and their agenda sticks out. One of these examples of a good pro right person is Stefan Molyneux, from the other side you have someone like Russell Brand:


Now Russell Brand is a powerful human being, he is a very intelligent human being, quite capable of grasping the basics of the economy and the fact that Islam is not necessarily a religion of peace. Previously when he came out in favour of leftist concepts he was taken apart adroitly by someone who can make a good case against him. It seems to me that if someone like Russell Brand supports this narrative it will move people in that direction.

The ideas he is playing with, of taxing the rich and sliding down the death march of socialism are no joke.

So, there are many emotions that will probably come from this election. There are some good people on the left, but some bad people and there are also those who should know better.

It seems to me that at the moment many people have not been challenged on their inner darkness so it has grown as a manifestation. Rather than that being handled harmoniously like it might have in a less messed up society, through explanation and understanding (which in some cases might be rejected). The behaviour of some people that leads from these unchallenged ideas is having to manifest in definitive political preferences in the real world. Which then meet hard opposition. Thus people can see where they have been going wrong and change their ways... Or not!

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