Sunday, 7 May 2017

Le Pen vote rigged and Tories going back on immigration/ Brexit.

Do I really have to say the bleeding obvious when supposedly the entire alt media has missed it?

The Le Pen vote was rigged:

Yesterday I did not have proof but today:

Daily Express: Le Pen 'THIRD in election as spoiled ballots & abstentions beats votes for anti-EU pick'

Twitter: Voters in France receive torn Le Pen Ballots

Twitter: Disappearance of Le Pen ballots in the night at polling station (In French)

Twitter: Duplicate Macron ballots being sent out with none for Le Pen.

It is clear that some sort of positive force against the cabal (those who David Wilcock calls 'the Alliance'.) did not bother to stop this vote rigging or Holland whereas they did stop Brexit and Trump vote being rigged.

Within minutes the Tory government was turning back on Brexit. (This article was written an hour after the results):

Telegraph: Amber Rudd hints Tories might drop current migration target from manifesto
She told BBC Radio 5 Live's Pienaar's Politics: "My personal view is we need to continue to bring immigration down. I want to make sure that we do it in a way that supports businesses.
Basically this means no fixed targets they can be challenged on, just a vague commitment to "reduce migration".

My previous job was one that used a lot of immigration. They underpaid their team leaders and did not support their stores when team leaders would leave. Therefore the management had to rely on team leaders they normally would not have had to employ, and did not have the resources to train. They also had to cover up for these team leaders mistakes.

So English people would be employed but it would go wrong, for all staff not just the English, because either that team leader would force people out (who was always pressuring the management to hire Spanish speaking people) but this applied to Spanish people as well (being forced out); and even in other bad cases the English workers got blamed for the failures of that team leader... Pure scapegoating that I witnessed!

They put pressure on the good manager that was juggling all this and he left, then they brought in a Polish immigrant woman that, despite having CV's from English people exclusively hired other Polish immigrants.

Now when this store is asked about how many English it employs they will say, and be able to offer evidence in the form of English people that have resigned, that they cannot get English people to work there. But actually, really, the problem is bad management.

But then the establishment knows this. This is a logic that is neither here nor there for them. Anything that oppresses humanity is A.O.K for Amber Rudd and co.!

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