Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Internet trolls/ Politics and robots

Not so much to say today.

I just wrote a short little comment on Benjamin Fulfords blog regarding internet trolls. I think I will excerpt it here because it is a little interesting:
Hey, actually not in response to the previous post I thought I found this interesting, which is Jordans response to the ‘Dark Journalist’. 
One of the things he says is A) People are attacking his latest project but when they do they do not mention the people on the team writing the new book that do have years of academic qualifications behind them 
B) My general point, I think this whole idea of internet trolls etc. that seems to be taking everything by storm… It just seems crazy to me. I suppose I’m not one of the people within the potential influencing range of this type of thing. Reference the files that came out a few years ago about attacking wikileaks where it highlight ways to sow doubt that will ‘do nothing for the radicals’. 
i) That the massive powerful satanic empire has been reduced to paying internet trolls. No more taking Jesus to the top of the hill and claiming he has dominion over the entire earth! No, now it’s just about weird little creeps whining and playing the victim on the internet. 
ii) Then the deep state through Hillary recently are claiming that “Russian trolls” were powerful enough to throw the election… She really has no respect at all for her voters does she? 
The fact that “internet trolls” are able to legitimately divide the new age community is quite amazing.
Basically for those not aware of what's going on in the new age community, there have been some suspicious figures appear, well funded, completely out of nowhere, people who seem to have an entire troll factory behind them and are attacking certain individuals.

This problem can only happen if people are rather dependent on the information being attacked in the first place. When I listen to Corey Goode, I listen and think most of what he says is probably correct, but I am not disturbed enough by the idea he is making it up to even consider it. It takes quite a lot of powerless emotional anger to even indulge the idea; my point is even if he was lying... So what? I don't believe he is even for a second. Even if it was true that he is lying it would be a greater waste of my time to have investigated that for so long, especially when it cannot really be directly disproved.

The new age internet community has clearly proven itself to be very weak to not be able to handle even a very mild attack on its sensibilities. Rather like how I referenced in detail in a previous blog how parts of the astrology community have been basically destroyed by pro Hillary fanatics. This was because of a previous darkness within the community of women that believed they are basically superior and condescend to everyone finally, in one quick swoop, gained a very evangelical and materially relevant manifestation, forcing these people to reveal their hand and hence, turn in aggression and censor anyone with an opposing viewpoint.

In the same vein there are people in the new age community that seem to think it is very necessary to vet every single piece of information that does not seem to fall in line with the "normal" way of viewing things when the nature of the secrecy we live under necessitates that we simply cannot confirm or deny through direct experience a lot of the information we come into contact with.


You know when saying all this it suddenly makes me less likely to vote Conservative because of their fanatical desire to censor the entire internet! The internet seems to clearly be where the thrust of the rebellion against the cabal is happening.

I just saw another poll that says Jeremy is now three points behind. The left, emotional and naively idealistic that they are, will believe this is legitimate but I... don't! Most of the polls do not say that and polls are very inaccurate anyway. They have not got a big event right in recent years.

Kind of like the sensation of leftist zealots believing they will have their socialist utopia and getting crushed... I wonder if they will protest!?

While some good people might get caught up in it a lot of stupid unpleasant people will as well. Ha ha ha!

Real world issues:

The left right divide and finance is an old world issue. The next thing we will have to deal with on a societal level may be robots. Today I saw two headlines, one is that Tesco are using robots for delivery, or have trialed it. Second is that there is a computer AI type thing that can calculate the likelihood of your job being replaced soon with a robot... The irony!

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