Saturday, 20 May 2017

Theresa Mays great EU fudge.

From a left wing commentator, but a good one!
'Theresa May's election strategy is to do the least amount necessary to look like you give a fuck... I believe that a strong and stable, blah blah blah, what do you believe?'
'At least Thatcher had a life force about her.'
So far in this election:

From the manifesto:
  • Only a 12 mile border enforced on fishing waters. Rather than what's needed at 200.
  • Continuing to give money to the EU. Edit: This one is wrong
  • Wishy washy non specific statements about beliefs in low tax... I.e. an increase in tax. (The whole point of the right is reduced tax)
  • Money going to social justice funds.
  • Immigration stated reduced to below 100,000 but no time given for when it would happen.
  • Staying in the European Court of Human Rights.
And in the election:
  • Places strong Tory remainers in Safe Seats. Most of which want to pay the EU's arbitrary divorce bill.
It's a fudge!

So I'm just going to have to get on with my life then and find other things to talk about... My local independent candidate I mentioned before who supports Universal Basic Income... Well I asked her where the money will come from for that and she said that we already have enough money for a Universal Basic Income the welfare budget just needs to be handled better!... OK, she definitely belongs in a white jacket screaming at the walls.

A very ironic protest vote!

I did think of one way I could engage though, donating a bit to UKIP! Don't have the funds right at the moment though.

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