Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The cult of "normality".

We are very judgemental of cults... Those groups of people devoted to certain rationalities regardless of evidence, and who have a self satisfied belief in their own rightness and superiority.

But what if a cult HAD taken over years past? Technically, the cult would go to all efforts to maintain that they are reasonable, the normal, not unusual. Their way of viewing life is the correct way of viewing life.

This brings quite a lot of ideas. For instance, if you think about University, anything a cult does wrong is not recognised, the victims/ survivors are silenced.  In the "normal" way many have of viewing the world, the fact that Universities are creating people that do not know how to 'life', who have useless degrees and still end up working as a barista. Universities are never challenged or punished for this.

Another thing is, in the "normal" way of viewing life, the cult is assumed to be morally righteous for converting and generally damaging others. This is something we can see in Syria and Western foreign policy. The bodies taking up 'field space' in Syria do not bother the "normal" way of viewing things and neither do places like Greece. Brexit was voted on based on the UK's national interest and immigration, the damage the EU does to other countries is not even brought up.

In many ways, I think we are living in a cult of "normality". When something real happens such as a crash in the stock market, or a vote for a populist. This cult like mentality is partially influenced, and then there is an emotional response. But mostly there is no attempt to look at how the larger world might be changing because "normal" thoughts get in the way too much.

So we are in the cult of "normal". The people with the greater power over the narrative are those that believe the world is not going to change despite votes coming soon that clearly show how it is. When Le Pen gets in for instance, suddenly an anti Islam reality will be put into practice, suddenly it will effect the EU, and the cult of "normality" will be disturbed.

Then it won't be about how nothing is ever going to change and we need to make plans based on that, the narrative or "paradigm" you might say will change!


Previously, when I stopped playing Playstation games, I had this dream several years later, where I knew I had been playing a combination of CrashTeam Racing and Crash Bandicoot for two or three hours. It was quite an interesting dream because it was so worked out this game. My brain had made me up a computer game to play that was very long!

After that point I could not play video games anymore and I still can't. I even tried properly on games I had enjoyed with a friend and still got a kind of car sickness where following all the pixels on the screen lead to nausea.

I don't know if this is the same thing but I am getting the same thing with films now. I just got a dream that was a cross between the Netflix 'Shadow Hunters' and 'Lord of the Rings'. It feels like after I have had the dream the perspective is being cleaned out and the dream itself was an emphasis on the weirder parts of the acrobatics, and the story...

Good times!

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