Saturday, 6 May 2017

How will the leftist paradigm in Brighton and Hove end?

Two blogs in one day! I felt that post on alcohol deserved a non interfered with post, now I'm going to go back to talking about politics!:

As I have probably mentioned almost everyday, Le Pen's election is soon. Also, the UK general election is next month.

My area (Brighton and Hove) has this undercurrent of something extremely dark. I don't pick up on it much because I intentionally do not want anything to do with it. But a friend told me a story that illustrates this, in Brighton, apparently you get these people going through mid- life crisis'.Then they become very new age.

But unlike a real new age person, it is a very hypocritical new age. So when they go to these parties together they are really debauched!

Another story I heard was an acquaintance, two girls, went to this party and there was a room with almost naked girls wearing glitter and dancing. I have heard other very weird and bad stories, and when I was up in Uni in London Brighton is known for it's drug taking.

A large HMV has just closed down... Not large like Tesco superstore large but about fifty foot squared. It has been replaced with... Wait for it... a Victoria Secret!

I remember talking to a progressive girl a year and a bit ago and she was saying how an elderly relative she knew she was convinced was pro Tory but did not admit it... Probably for good reason. I have heard so many people say without prompting they hate UKIP.

Why am I holding up evidence of sexual promiscuity as evidence there is something not quite right? I'm not quite sure but there is something just a bit off about it, the story of the glitter girls for instance.

But I myself, aside from having girls often not treating me very well due to promiscuity, I myself have stayed quite fully away from such groups of people. I do not attend their parties nor would I want to. I am quite happy with spending some time with family, some time with friends and a lot of time alone. I do not run into these kinds of people because I am not this kind of person. I would stress most of the people I have met are nice people. But I am fairly often in the vicinity of not such nice people, and know others fully engaged with that side of Brighton.

The Politics of it all!

Our local MP Peter Kyle is a liberal, remain, reasonably progressive Blairite (Blairite term is self described). I don't think he is that bad, that was not why I am mentioning him. But the remain vote in Brighton and Hove was 70%. While Mr Kyle is not a Corbynista, not someone to forego civility from what I have seen of him professionally, he is on the left, he is VERY remain, and he is likely going to stay in office in this general election.

I don't want to do down Kristy Adams, but bear in mind the last Conservative in Hove got websites set up along the lines of 'kill Mike Weatherly' and he was violently attacked at a University campus. Not that that minority speaks for everyone, or even anyone but themselves. But in general, there is a very leftist leaning in this area.

But isn't this interesting? It is a CASE STUDY of how groups of leftists will have to adapt to the coming climate. Peter Kyle, the one the remainers in general of all the leftist camps will support, is a politician who will likely remain in power, but his party will suffer hugely. Predictions are that the Conservatives will gain around 100 seats. It will not matter what Labour think anymore. They will express their viewpoint, it will be picked up by the BBC, but then whatever the Conservatives want is what they'll get, and likely, hopefully, global events will start to weigh on everyone if the French oppose the EU as well.

As the left lose ideally it would be nice to see some positive effect from Brexit type policies or the collapse of the EU.

With the rest of the country going right, how will the demise of the left wing and its related thought forms that swim around this area (rich left areas)... How will this end? New industry?

It is an interesting question but not one that I think can be answered easily at this point. There has been so much momentum that has just been crushed in the past, so much hope of a stock market crash or policies being successfully applied. However, they do not happen. Trump doesn't build the wall, Article 50 took ages to be triggered, we still don't have control of our fishing waters.

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