Saturday, 29 April 2017

Imagining a populist win.

I've talked recently about getting absorbed into watching Netflix, I wonder if part of the reason I found news articles to be getting boring is that no matter what happens, as with stocks, central banks are able to print money and keep the entire system running with no change, as with Greece.

Rather like a football game, lets imagine it is between the bulls and the bears. No matter what happens, every single game, through flagrant obvious cheating, the bulls win every single match, or at least most of them... That is the stock market now... So the 'fundamentals' such as which strikers are playing, how they are managed etc. does not matter. Watching such games over an extended period would of course be very boring and finding out the ins and outs of which striker was playing for the bears would feel very much like a waste of time... This is the stock market today.

This extends into other areas of society although it is not complete. The article I talked about recently that many companies such as Facebook, Netflix and Twitter, and possibly soon Starbucks and others. These companies are losing money in huge amounts yet their stocks are trading at billions. Twitter apparently has never made a profit! This is another example of this phenomenon and in everyday instances it seems that if there is a side that runs on lies they are given a huge boost by the mainstream simply because they run on lies.

Nevertheless, here is an interesting piece of news that will predictably change nothing:

Zerohedge: Puerto Rico Takes First Steps Toward Bankruptcy-ish Filing

Puerto Rico is a giant welfare state. Nobody works, everyone lives on welfare and anyone who tries to contribute something and start a small business is subject to penalising taxes. So much so that they don't earn much more through thousands of hours of doing this work than they do living on welfare. Of course going bankrupt is the natural end point for such a State and this has been a sticking point of the recent American budget. Democrats want the American taxpayer to bailout Puerto Rico that would lead to increase taxes, increased poverty, increased welfare, and the downward spiral continues.

Puerto Rico either has to suck off America like a parasite or adopt some right wing pro business policies. Left wingers prefer to let millions of people die than to move away from their lefty evangelism, thus, there is the problem

France and UK elections.

Nothing is moving in the UK election because May, and even I suspect UKIP, are biding their time to see how the French election works out (UKIP might have the guts to be anti Islam if Le Pen is first).

Remember how it felt with the Brexit and Trump election? That we were at least inching closer to winning and then remember how much, how incredibly the opposition moaned. The left liberal remainers really moan. Nothing is happening with Brexit, it is not happening so it is not even worth thinking about and still they are moaning... when... nothing is happening!

There is triumph at beating them but then irritation at their constant whining. It would have been more satisfying if another win could happen by the populist movements in the form of a solid movement in the direction of Brexit etc. But this does not happen. That's what would be good, a 1-2 punch. Brexit vote, then immediately article 50 then refuse to pay, then vote down the law that puts EU law above our own... I forget the name!

This next round of elections and potential wins, I wonder if this will feel more like a 1-2. Whether there will be win and then win and then win or if the whole thing will start with a little fire and then start to peter off under the weight of their whining, with lefty courts stopping electoral victories etc.

I imagine this, as a pictoral representation of how the energies are working here as the truth, the Uranian etc. energy behind Trump, Farage, Le Pen etc. Represented by a kind of silvery, mirror like object on a pedastool. Then lots of nasty lefty whiny remoaners marching against it.

Imagine in that group people that you do not like. Someone that has condescended to you in loyalty to a leftist vision, or through the 'distortions' that lead to leftism. All marching towards this object, that is protected by knights; perfect tall and powerful knights.

They have emotional intensity flowing off them like an energy, perhaps with an auric pictoral link, nasty looks on their faces, scrunched up and angry. With cardboard shields, some real looking weapons, placards etc.

Then, as they are marching forward, thinking either that they are going to win or that they are morally justified in winning, and usually for leftist that seems to mean they start believing they are going to win for some reason. The sky opens and lightning comes down to that object, not one quick strike but an ongoing energy beam. this then reflects out and decimates the lefties.

Imagine it happening.

Since this is not a physical imagining but is more metaphysical, the effect might not be to kill them in any gruesome fashion, but might pass over them and transform them from self righteous anger to broken self pity.  Or spill latte's over them or there might be some bodies there. Perhaps electricity goes over all of them linking all of them then they all fall down. Perhaps the cardboard signs fall apart, releasing a dark spirit into the air that self destructs, mass exorcism?

This is a positive imagining for me! If it is now or later at some point this sort of feeling is going to happen as the self righteous left are finally broken!

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