Sunday, 9 April 2017

The non publish,

A non publish today.

Just a quick note it appears the yesterday article on Russia and Iran saying they would attack if Trump crossed 'Red lines' was actually false:

The Duran: Fake news story in mainstream AND alt-media slanders Russia and Iran

Tomorrow will be the full moon. We will see more crap likely from these events but they will at least not move further forward in the near future. Then, we have the Turkey referendum and prepare for the Le Pen new moon. Also with the Union election closing on 28th April and presumably having the results soon after.

The Chinese have apparently made concessions in order to avert a trade war with Trump (if true that is good of them, they are not without their pride the Chinese). The Russians and Iranians have remained either polite or silent about Washingtons latest warmongering. It is clear that the world considers the Americans, the very powerful and rich Americans, a legitimately loose canon.

The reason this is a non publish is that after basic statements like this I really have nowhere to go. Except to re- iterate... The Le Pen election is coming up and Benjamin Fulford will produce a blog today! Even though I don't believe some of the things that guy says (although he has been proven substantially correct on the Epstein video in all likelihood), the general feel of what Benjamin Fulford says I consider to be true.

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