Tuesday, 25 April 2017

How to spend our time.

So, I'm just about to talk about something far more boring.

In my personal life I have had quite a lot of anxiety, stemming, mainly from some very unpleasant events in mid 2014. Since that time I have spent a lot of time hooked on the internet, mostly reading articles from zerohedge and that sort of general thing.

Eventually though, when I realised exactly how rigged the whole game currently is, when I'd done a bit of prepping and work concerns had taken precedence, while I'm waiting for elections, and when I know very well the arguments etc. I stopped being quite so interested in alternative media, however, I was now habitually on the internet a whole lot and have been spending a lot of time on Netflix.

But, this is not an intellectually satisfying use of my time. There are some series on that service I do like:

A) Jessica Jones
B) Continuum
C) 12 Monkeys
D) Helix
E) Sense 8

But apart from that, I think many of the other shows I've watched on there, including The Iron Fist and Luke Cage are a waste of my time and I need to fill my time with other things.

Martial arts has become very interesting to me lately. I also, as mentioned, like reading dystopian fiction. I have found another link in the books I am reading... Each book the main character is similar to the author and in each story it seems the character is not on the bottom rung of society but part of the monster that they are describing.

Also, Netflixing leads to a kink of relaxation but relaxation is not helpful at the moment in my view. The sense of mild anxiety I have found to be a good motivator to be more productive.

I  also think it would be intelligent to write a diary again. Even when doing nothing all day it can emphasize emotions that would not be acted upon otherwise.

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