Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Bad luck.

It's amazing what's going on at the moment.

In Star Trek Deep Space Nine there is an episode where a negative character is possessed by higher negative entities and sets in motion events that threaten higher positive entities that the main protagonist of the show is connected to. When the 'wormhole' is closed, which has the positive entities in it, things go very badly for the good guys by what seems to be pure chance.

That seems to be what is happening now. All this stuff about Syria and a so called gas attack, which one would assume we're meant to believe is more legitimate than the last gas attack. Couple this with internet censorship and things like this:

Daily Mail: Don't expect EU free movement to end for at least five years, May warns: PM says there will be an 'implementation period' after Britain leaves

This is since the Holland election. Which I am thinking was rigged, as Reuters indicated. A free will decisions which has magickal power. The expression on the spiritual level of the preference of humanity either toward good or evil.

With Brexit and likely with Trump as well, the vote rigging was stopped by positive forces. With Holland it was not and so the momentum of the practical application of people choosing good over evil has not been put into place. Therefore we are suffering a kind of dithery nothing while we wait for the negative to collapse.

Why did the good guys not stop the vote rigging? Likely because, in my view, their work in the Middle East and negotiations about the fate of the world behind closed doors means they have friendship etc. with Muslims and just don't want to rock the boat... So in English... They suffer from the same sense of elitism as the cabal... They 'know better' than the voters in Holland!

However, they do know when their survival is at stake and they will not throw the whole planet (I.e. France is probably not going to be rigged). Not because they give a shit about anyone on it, except when it strokes their ego to pretend that they do, but because if the cabal take over they will not be treated well. Rather like the left, they don't believe in freedom (how could anyone who wants 'partial disclosure' be said to believe in freedom?) The reason they do these things is that slavery is inconvenient to them.

32 days until the second round of the French election!

Two other important dates; April 16th when Erdogan has a referendum on whether he should have greater Presidential powers (I have no idea which side is positive or negatively polarised in this debate) and the very end of April with the Unison election vote. Which will decide the fate of Jeremy Corbyn.

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