Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Contemplating feminism.

Probably a non publish today... (Fraction of the readers, I think they mostly come through twitter).

The inner emotional change that I get from the post yesterday was surprising. I have been told again and again via dreams to work on feminism and there seems to have been some sort of result.

However, feminism, like indirectly backstabbing women, is hard to really grip as a concept. To grip the abstract ways in which they are gaining power is not as easy as say... Islam.

Here is an article I saw today:

The Conservative Woman: Andrew Cadman: Feminist-dominated Parliamentary democracy is the enemy of social conservatism

This typifies the problem, all this talk about female voters and the philosophy of Sun Tzu.

I wonder if MGTOW makes a dent into the feminist movement, or, separately; men who are genuinely just not interested in women... Do they?

The most negative strain of Islam and feminism clearly go hand in hand what with the rape victims in Sweden being threatened against talking out by feminists. Communism, which also aligns with feminism very closely and comes under the same bracket of 'female darkness' often pairs with Islam, often promotes it, and then gets massacred by the Islamists later; with the communists having to flee. In India this has happened again, and again, and again.

This brings up an image of the negative female supporting a negative male in a kind of martyr like way. Giving herself just so the negative agenda can prevail and not looking out for herself enough to have stopped the negativity of this male being turned upon her... Leads to interesting thoughts on domestic violence.

It is all linked to the global situation and bureaucracy, but even so, singling out this particular thought process is interesting!

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