Monday, 24 April 2017

US Shutdown, election rigging, sensitive psychos.

Benjamin Fulfords update has been today.

He has said two things that have stood out to me:

A) That the opposition to America are sick of them, so China and Japan will perhaps not be financing the US any further. Meaning the debt ceiling argument will lead to the shut down of the US government.

B) That a secret leadership election in a mystical negative group that is running a lot of things, and that the French elections were definitely rigged. Macron is actually very unpopular. Will he/ the establishment be allowed to steal the May 7th election?

This is all getting a little stupid. When the negative faces of against the positive in global matters (as above so below) the negative always seems to have this massive artificial advantage... In this case it is vote rigging.

There is an emotional satisfaction of finally getting liberals. It has struck me that this leads up to the top of the pole for the negative of people who believe they are kind of 'alpha males' and want to stay in control of everything, and be needed and feared by everyone.

However, whether this is felt as 'alpha maleness' is unclear. What we know about the negative is that they seem to have this romanced view of themselves as delicate misunderstood people. Paedophiles for instance complaining of being discriminated against and that they have some sort of beautiful and unique sexuality. No doubt if this is true for weirdos that brutalise very young children it is even more so for those that take those same children to torture chambers and kill them for their sexual pleasures.

When this sensitivity is pummeled on by someone like David Seaman "These sick fucking psychos!" It causes a lot of anger from those being rightfully called out on their behaviours. Going back to my comments on the negative forces artificial advantage, the negative in some ways is undeveloped like a child. When someone legitimately fights back against these people, the anger from this hyper sensitivity, plus the artificial advantage leads to them trying to punish those that rebel... Justly against them.

Nonetheless, their time will come. You cannot fight against the truth, in the end, it's still there!

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