Thursday, 6 April 2017

Downward spiral.

Wow, things are not good.

From what I can tell, Donald Trump has turned!

I am looking at this event through the lens of this paradigm. The mythology of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and The Prophets, and the fact that the Holland election was rigged meaning the positive has less power on earth.

What happened after the events that caused such 'bad luck' in Star Trek Deep Space Nine is that Ben Sisko, the captain of Deep Space Nine goes on a break. During the middle of a war he leaves his post and for six months spends time at his fathers playing piano. Eventually he has an insight into his family history which eventually leads to him finding a solution to the problem, aiding the positive entities in such a way that the negative entities are thrown out of their foothold.

Immediately after battles in far away galaxies that the good guys are fighting, and which were not going very well suddenly get better, the tide turned. This is what I hope happens in this world after the French election. Things just coincidentally go better!

It could of course be that there is a reason for Trumps action. Perhaps it was not the same target the media and the seemingly relevant parties agree that it was.

Perhaps Ben Fulford on Monday will have some insight. Until then I suppose we sit tight while the world, from all appearances, begins spiralling into war!

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