Monday, 3 April 2017

Eureka I have found it (Jk, lol!)

So, I have another conclusion on Islam and the Qur'an, I simply went back and read the books I had read anyway:

Moses was positive but misguided and in contact with negative beings:
Questioner: Can you tell me the origin of the Ten Commandments?Ra: I am Ra. The origin of these commandments follows the law of negative entities impressing information upon positively oriented mind/body/spirit complexes. The information attempted to copy or ape positivity while retaining negative characteristics.
Questioner: Was this done by the Orion group?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.
Questioner: What was their purpose in doing this?
Ra: I am Ra. The purpose of the Orion group, as mentioned before, is conquest and enslavement. This is done by finding and establishing an elite and causing others to serve the elite through various devices such as the laws you mention and others given by this entity.
Yahweh was positive:
Questioner: Well, was Yahweh then of the Confederation?
Ra: I am Ra. Yahweh was of the Confederation but was mistaken in its attempts to aid.
Muhammed was positive:
However, this entity’s beliefs were accepted by very few. His priests gave lip service only, without the spiritual distortion towards seeking. The peoples continued in their beliefs. When this entity was no longer in this density, again the polarized beliefs in the many gods came into their own and continued so until the one known as Muhammad delivered the peoples into a more intelligible distortion of mind/body/spirit relationships.
Rescuing any sort of positive message out of the darkness that is Islam at the moment is not easy. However, what I am concluding is that it is the Hadith that is the problem.

To read what the Qur'an says about the veil is not particularly remarkable, it is akin to lightly advising a woman to wear a bra. The Hadith has the bits on circumcision. The hadith also has the stories on Muhammed decapitating loads of Jews.

I don't know if he started positive and went negative or that the negative stuff is not accurate historical record. However, this is good because it means that Islam can go on a reformation rather than having to be eliminated, like a negatively polarised religion would have to be.

I notice that Britain and America including Trump are both very chummy with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is Sunni that recognises the hadith and Iran is Shi- ite which does not... I have often thought if there were to be a reformation of Islam then it would come from Iran, yet we oppose them:

Zerohedge: The War In Yemen Explained In 200 Seconds

The UK is probably supporting Saudi Arabia because if they do not the Saudi Muslim army will turn on the west. The recent attacker in Westminster returned from Saudi Arabia in late 2009. As was one of the german attackers, I forget which one, was in Skype contact with people from Saudi Arabia.

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