Saturday, 22 April 2017

May, Le Pen, stocks... Same old story!

Well, it seems that May did a bit of a 180. From seeming to be a kind of saviour figure to deciding she is going to increase taxes to send abroad to places like North Korea.

The French election though is where it's at. This will likely change the narrative on the English one too.

In this current environment, it seems to me as though there is just a very strange vibe in the air, really weird, and backing up the idea of that being a legitimate psychic sense I have been seeing aura's again.

Part of my spiritual practice is to not masturbate and I did tonight during my sleep. But I decided that was down to indulging in thoughts/ fantasies of that nature just before I went to bed. (And only a small bit of physical stimulation, excited the body that finished the work in sleep!)

Here is an interesting video:

But predictions of the crash are rife all the time these days, and it never happens. I'm predicting a panic buy when Le Pen wins.

That's all I have for today. A non publish I think not much here!

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