Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Manifesto that could be from a fiction series like Fringe.

I have had this dream for a long time, it has made me uncomfortable this morning and lead for me to think of it a whole lot but it probably has a predictable message, simply that everything is as it is as I have suspected it is!

The dream is that I have signed up for classes at my sixth form centre but have forgotten they are happening, so have not turned up for class. This leads in the dream to me feeling I have lost an opportunity or in todays dream... Money! Also a general sense of stress from what to do about testing time.

Today I went through a few possible interpretations in my head, and threw out a few. Nonetheless, here are some possible interpretations:

Assuming our lives are planned by an array of positive forces that I do believe, this process has gone wrong and:

A) I missed something that was meant to happen back at A level time. (Either in terms of friendships or academic qualifications).
B) I was meant to complete my University qualification. (Stopped in second year, severe panic attacks plus I was miserable).
C) In the deeper sense of a life path to do with life work or personal connections and not related to any schooling. Since I am not with those things I am still being made to pay for them.

Although, in the strict sense, I was told I had to pay in the dream but I did not actually do it. These ideas are all unsettling. However, without the additional "payment" thing, I do believe in C anyway.

The dream did not include any future possibility of improvement. It laid the responsibility at my feet and if there are others in my life that have been very against the proper life path as I see it working out, it did not label any metaphorical sorting out of the 'other' during this dream. I had to pay because I had signed up. The school had no responsibility to make sure I had the capacity to attend and I guess, if you are the higher "positive" forces, then you are always in the stronger position and do not have to accept fault.

The whole thing seems ridiculous to me since there seems to me to have been no possibility on my behalf, despite strenuous personal effort, to correct these problems as they have arisen. This seems to me to be a normal part of any complex system i.e. a 'life path', that if things go wrong some force (you might say "karma") should be brought to bear on the people that are aggressively supporting it going wrong... and that is certainly not me.

Anyway, like I said, I am pissing into the wind here! The dream has not changed in years. I have had it repeatedly every few months for several years, even before I started University in 2011.

There are many groups of people that have entered my life and left without any discernible change or connection. It makes me wonder if something is off. (School, Sixth form, first workplace, University, Second important workplace etc.) Perhaps this is also an almost global phenomenon.

I do believe on a global level many people are off of their life path. When there are wars, or financial manipulation, paedophilia or other things Satanism in general is not part of anyone's life path. So someone could have someone in their life path and that person could die, or not be able to complete their own tasks because of personal hardship that was never meant for them and is a result of battles the negative forces have won, usually on the global level (but it always comes down to the ground, i.e. feminism).

This brings me back to the idea that to correct some of these patterns, the negative might have to be brought to task in such a way that is not easy, or harmonious etc. Perhaps a financial crash! It further, through this strange decision making process emphasizes the truth as I see it. This is because "easy" and "harmonious" are based more on our positively polarised destinies, to an extent.

This is the go to feeling of many in the new age, they believe the world is like this because the positive forces have made their personal lives like this in relation to their own seeking of polarity. But the world is full of dark aggressive forces that are not under any pains to actually respect those tendencies!

According to my metaphysical beliefs, if we are off our paths then we feel a burning inside from out third chakra, that has a good relation to stopping TV. To allow this energy to burn is to become far more determined and productive.

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