Sunday, 6 November 2016

Three days until we know who is POTUS and you can just feel the tension!

It's three days until the results of the US election. (For me will be by at the latest around 20:00 on November 9th, so three hours and three days. Will I be able to sleep? Will I be able to buy myself a decaf soya latte before I view the results?)

My focus at the moment is on the dregs of our society, the Social Justice Wankers, the Remainers, the Hillbots, the Globalists;

Additionally to my post yesterday about these people there are other things I was thinking of and that have come up since I did not include:

Russia Today: #StopFundingHate: Twitter users demand Daily Mail boycott over Brexit ruling coverage

Also, I have not read or viewed it so won't link to it, but a remainer on question time, an NHS therapist wished incurable diseases on Brexit supporters children on that show.

This Gina Miller woman as well, is confronted by Nigel Farage but not to my taste; he was very polite with her, he lacked any lash on his tounge. Here is a woman that is cruelly working to stop us being free and people treat her with an air of respect she does not deserve... Would Kassam have been different? I think he would have been more direct, he is more direct in general.

The civilised world has tried to distract itself from the upcoming Trump election that they know will re- organise their world view and make them have to confront the repulsiveness of the establishment. They have tried to distract themselves through halloween and other things, but it is still here, it is getting closer.

One other group:

There are of course another group in all this. We have the reasonably awake and the Trump supporters. The dedicated Slithery supporters and another group that takes in the brainwashing but has no commitment to it and will turn if their brainwashed opinions cause too much tension in their own lives. The useful idiots that any empire uses in its goals. These people might just be turning... Right now... As we speak!

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