Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Facebook, twitter, gambling, progressive agenda and Fulford.

Well, the friend I lost contact with here:

Another facebook one down (bitcoin at the end of the post!)

I have made contact with again. There is an issue I need to contact people about so both my twitter and facebook will be reactivated soon. This is a little unfortunate but obviously, the thing that is on twitter and facebook is... People. Those people soon to be confronted with a Trump reality. Lol.

Kind of a let down. I also wanted to go on twitter on the advice of Dave Cullen at Computing Forever in order to send a message of encouragement to a University Professor in America who is losing his job for refusing to support the Social Justice Warrior narrative in some way. (Ironic that Dave Cullen would be the one persuading me to switch Twatter back on!)

I am a little angered by the friend in the post above that he will not gamble on anything that opposes his political ideals. I just handed him, on a plate, 9/2 odds. If he had put down £250 at that time he would get back £1125 assuming the election will not be rigged; which is not certain. We don't personally have the resources to rig the betting markets but those that do have the money and resources to influence things have been absolutely rigging the polls in such a way that the odds give almost a guaranteed victory of 9/2. Such an opportunity will probably not come up again.

But I suppose that is his free will choice. Rather like someone who does not want to hire right wing people and hires left wing people instead and the free market dissolves their business. Today Reuters, that media organisation that has been rigging the polls so strongly announced it is firing hundreds of workers. Twitter is still not sorted out. Everything the neo liberal left wing touches turns to ash.

If someone cannot detach themselves from a political agenda, their emotion, while betting, then that is a serious liability and since the electorate is turning against the left wing, they will make decisions which lose them money in that area and in my opinion are essentially a danger to themselves.

On other news this weeks Fulford update is fantastic. FANTASTIC! It really explains some deep goings on about the 'cabal' agenda and even hints at Benjamin Fulfords own growth and realisation of some of the players here!

Like I said before, it's all getting very exciting!

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