Thursday, 3 November 2016

Two things.

Wow, this just came up on Gab: 

Scary stuff. There are hints of this sort of thing all over the place.

Two pieces of news in this strange global war we are witnessing:

Breitbart London: Arron Banks: This Could Be the End for UKIP

Arron Banks will not fund the party while the trouble makers such as Carswell are still there, good on him. It is a real shame Raheem withdrew his bid for party leadership.

At the moment it seems to me that since our movement has put a lot of energy into societal change and not got anything back, we are starting to feel a bit of depolarisation. Of course, the world is waiting for the American election. I expect things to gain polarity and movement again after that. Also is this piece of news:

Daily Express: Crucial day for EU exit: Judges to rule TODAY on pivotal legal challenge from Remoaners

This is very interesting. Perhaps when this hurdle is gotten rid of we will hear a little more about Brexit and about it happening or moves to indicate it will actually happen. This legal challenge will be announced at 10am which is roughly five minutes after I publish this blog and get ready for work, i.e. close the laptop.

I have been observing little patterns for a long time now. I have learned a lot and perhaps at some point I will be able to explain the sociology of karma and the free market etc. in a way that explains something or hints at predicting the future. Not yet though.

Working a bit at the moment and not sleeping much. Soon I have a week off and so will be more rested.

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