Wednesday, 23 November 2016

What fate do the bad deserve?

So, interesting blog that makes good points:

The Economic Collapse Blog: We Are Being Set Up For Higher Interest Rates, A Major Recession And A Giant Stock Market Crash

If the bond yields are going up because $Trillions are selling off (usually a prequel to an economic crash). Then, surely, mathematically, interest rates should go up, buybacks and other forms of debt should reduce, the economy should mathematically crumble and stocks go down. If the stock market has any independent reality to the cabal powers, and I have to assume it does; then mathematically, it should crumble.

However, there have been a lot of indications the whole thing could crumble many times now and it has never done so.

Another thing that has interested me is this:

Infowars Youtube: Kanye West Kidnapped, Held By Government

Basically that Kanye West came out saying... 'Let's not judge Trump too harshly before he even says anything', and they sent him to the nuthouse.

This is a typical and evil abuse of power used by the left. Any criticism of their authoritarian nastiness has to be minimised, there are different ways to do this, including of course the 'racist' label. Another is to pathologise whatever the person is saying as that they are 'mad'. Playing the man rather than the ball, so to speak.

This is what they have done here and it is a pattern the world over. How many people will be revealed to have been pathologised although being quite sane once this all comes down. To me this also links to a larger problem with psychology and psychiatry as a whole. My Grandmother once went to a psychologist for stress and he told her that given the pressures she faced, the insane response would be to not be stressed. 

It goes to the ADHD phenomenon talked about in alternative health circles. That some children who are normal, energetic and healthy have bad parents that punish even minor infractions from their harsh discipline, and then when the child justly rebels, they drug them. Another one is that dyslexia is caused by too much television viewing in children and is not a real thing, it can be solved by education and interaction.

What if this goes up to even harsher apparent conditions? I once heard of a man who went on pharmaceuticals, he went to his doctor because his wife told him he was being paranoid about his fear she was having an affair... Well... you guessed it! He found out when he was actually on these drugs that she was having an affair!

What karmic reparations await these people I wonder? What fate is dark enough to meet the kind of person that would drug another human being to hide their own inadequacies!?

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