Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Historical education, financial collapse and hypocrisy of the bad guys.

Historical education:

Well I'm back, and I've been getting a little education in this time:

Stefan Molyneux: The Truth about Karl Marx

Stefan Molyneux: The Truth about Gandhi

When I was young and I was looking at ways that my little self could influence the world, Gandhi was a hugely inspirational figure for me. Stefan Molyneux's video here talks about how the Indian government part funded the Gandhi biographical film. This is because governments in general like to promote pacifism and that anyone that this society promotes to be revelled at is suspect. Since that admiration has to be held up by the media, the clergy, the politicians etc. and this society is very sick indeed. Just think about how recent politicians have admired Fidel Castro, and how quickly true heroes like Joseph McCarthy are derided by the leftist establishment.

The promotion of pacifism has also played a part in my thought process I realise. When I used to study politics there was an undertone of wanting to become a Gandhi like figure. Although that was not the only idea I considered. But a more sober consideration of politics may include the idea that societies changed when violence is used to change it.

One of Gandhi's specific weirdnesses is incest. This is one that is obviously vomit inducing.

Karl Marx as well is another one that I was rather naive about perhaps. I always thought he had good theories that were misunderstood, and in fact, when I have read any Marx I have found it bears no relation to what we are told about Marx. However, if you look into the man it is clear he lived a VERY parasitical philosophy, the intensity of that was so bad that when his father died he did not attend his funeral but did start bothering his mother for money and this was not an isolated case.

The left wing Marxist philosophy is parasitical and a theoretical endorsement of theft. Since Marx himself lived and breathed that philosophy it is clear that this is as it is meant to be, he has not been misinterpreted!

I used to think the same thing of Islam as well. But really, when you get down to it there seems to be very little instances where things are misinterpreted in such a way as the followers of the belief system and ideology are divorced completely from what the ideology originally espoused. For instance I used to think Christianity was imperialist which clearly opposes the Christian beliefs, but it was not, it was responding to Muslim aggression.

Prepping stuff:

So, I had kind of given up on any idea of a crash actually happening because the financial wizards seem to be able to resist any reality of the free market system.

I had forgotten about any financial problems for Italy for this reason. However; I have just been reminded of something. Italy contributes more to the European Union than the United Kingdom does! There is some noise being made about Italy's banks needing 'refinancing' (Bail out? Bail in?) Bail in's are a huge problem in Italy. If Renzi leaves if he loses the referendum there may be a power vacuum where no one knows what is happening with the banks.

Since Italy is a bigger market than the UK and CERTAINLY bigger than Greece, we can see why this would be a problem!

Hypocrisy of the bad guys:

I was very happy to read this article:

Russia Today: Kerry making ‘unbelievable effort’ to save Syrian rebels from Trump, Russia confirms

Kerry is phoning Russia almost everyday to try and create a cease fire agreement in order to save his 'moderate headchoppers'.

The arrogance of these guys is unbelievable. Russia and the US already had a ceasefire, then the US broke it by bombing the Syrian army in a way that gave Da'esh territory. Russia called them to the United Nations asking them why. Then the US tool the 'White Helmets' bombed an aid convoy, the US blamed it on Russia and asked them to a United Nations meeting in order to explain themselves.

After such disgusting behaviour Kerry then asks for another ceasefire? Words fail me.

This is a pattern with the negative, confronted by their own lies far too often now. For instance, Hillary Clinton stated that Donald was a threat to democracy if he didn't accept the election results and then was unable to rig the election in the way she wanted, so now is not accepting the election results. The trouble is that even a Hillary supporter will find it difficult to deny there is hypocrisy in this (where there's a will there's a way though!)

Benjamin Fulford has reported with video evidence that the cabal are trying to escape on ships and being shot down. It has gotten that bad and they have very. Nearly. Lost!

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