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From my very new age Bring4th article: Communicating with Sixth density wanderers

So, an event that will likely be looked back on as one of the biggest in history culminates on Wednesday.

For years in England we had a Conservative government lead by David Cameron who ran this country quote 'for his friends in the City'. The government of the time took pleasure in its war against the working class, horrific stories of sick people having welfare cuts came out at this time and the chancellor even smirked when announcing cuts, supported the EU as though it was their baby, lied all over the place and generally felt as though they had sucked the hope out of the country.

They were unstoppable. The 2010 campaign was obviously a sack of lies and they got voted in. In 2015 they got voted in again and there was some evidence of vote rigging especially in Nigel Farage's constituency.

Then we had a referendum on our membership of the European Union. The vote was to Brexit and within 24 hours David Cameron had resigned. Shortly afterwards after a fairly dull leadership election we had a new Prime Minister who ejected all Dave's friends from the cabinet and started with a new team.

The point I am making here isn't that everything is OK now, it is very unclear the agenda of the new Prime Minister, who seems to have a foot in both the globalist and 'freedom' camp. But she is not as bad as the seemingly unstoppable force that just left. One of the things that has changed is that people on their death beds do not have to go to meetings to prove they are sick and have their welfare cut off if they don't attend.

This was a real change. Not the endless tales of mass arrests coming from the new age. The reason it was a real change was that the free will principle was applied. The people took a vote. As they are about to do again.

The choice with the EU referendum is to the positive and in my view, the American election is between positive polarity and negative polarity with Donald Trump being the positive. Accordingly, in alignment with the LoO there are more positively polarised entities on this planet than negatively and Trump should get in. When the FBI announced a few days ago that they were going to press for charges against Hillary Clinton, Stocks began a nine day drop. When they announced they had done the amazing work of reviewing 650,000 emails in a few days and had found nothing new so would not be pursuing charges. The stocks rallied. (Dow is up a quite amazing 350 points at the moment)

The pattern is obvious, if the Wall Street banks get their preferred policy maker everything will go smoothly so long as the rigging doesn't meet too many diminishing returns or interference. What will happen if Donald Trump gets in? The establishment chose not to crash the market on the EU referendum to any large extent because obviously to do so would destroy their power. But Trump is a more powerful vote than Brexit. Brexit is being manipulated. Trump, and his many allies can crack down on all sorts of criminality.

So here we get to the title of this piece.

This is the difference between how 5th Density and 6th Density entities express information:

The fifth density goes for the overview. Think Nigel Farage, Trump, Raheem Kassam, Paul Joseph Watson, Ann Coulter. They talk about large market trends and large sociological trends. It was a fifth density entity that put together the idea of a free market and it was basically a long slow boring explanation that using common sense is the best idea when dealing with society. When Nigel Farage speaks, he speaks in generalities of how people feel and how the EU has messed up things on a grand scale, for instance with Greece.

Now lets consider how some sixth density entities communicate (these may be wrong of course): Stefan Molyneux, Carla Rueckert, David Icke, John Lennon.

These people don't just explain the information in an overview sort of way. Stefan Molyneux does not simply explain how xyz banking regulation may be effective and in a large overview x is more effective than y, his 'speeches' go into the emotional core of what is being said, it explores the hypocrisy and does not glaze over the basics of a factual event but spends a comparatively long time exploring what it means and what the people were going through in a lot of cases.

Carla Rueckert, instead of simply generalising how the negative treats its underlings and moving on... (As I say sometimes when I am writing that 'the Illuminati plan goes: when in doubt, kill someone', or Bob Dylans 'They bury him with stars, sell his body like they do used cars'). She spends time in her book Living the Law of One 101 explaining a mothers experience of losing her son in the war and how the commander does not care.

There is two sides to this thinking. Even though some sixth density entities can easily take in a more overview like approach, the pattern of thinking is fundamentally different. We could be entering another round of more of the same. Trump may get in and be stopped by all sorts of policy makers. The vote could be contested for months or Hillary could get in.

But, if we are to see some sort of economic crash or ANY sort of sudden shift in our society that causes unrest or upset. Explaining reality to sixth density entities is one of the most important things to do because they, in turn, are very able to explain reality to others. They are often involved in large groups of people and their innate strength. Their 'love' can meet others 'lack of love' (Sometimes expressed violently) whereas fifth density entities very often coincidentally don't meet these situations.

Most sixth density entities have friendship groups that stretch a good deal and still don't lose depth. This is an emotional labour that fifth density entities do not so often engage in. Since fifth density entities have an alternative, they don't have to rely so strongly on love from others to add meaning to their lives, they have smaller groups of close friends and are content to spend time engaged in 'wisdom'. Escapism, reading, this sort of information or whatever it may be.

So, to communicate with a sixth density entity in my view the importance is to go to the emotional core of what is being expressed. Sixth density entities... I know this is heresy to us, but sixth density entities a lot of times do not care about the overview. They have one of two beliefs about the government. It is all good in which case I'm off to have my child vaccinated, or the viewpoint that David Icke has adopted, they are all bad and there is no hope. This is what happens when you mix up love and wisdom.

The former and sometimes the latter is pretty much beyond help. But, obviously if you want to communicate this information to the 'doomsdayer'. You cannot jump around and explain yields on treasury bonds and extra terrestrials. What I would choose to say is a fact from Alex Jones, he digs up the real information. Something awful that explains the 'cabals' intention, that confirms they are bad people that do exist then simply that these people are being brought down and might do a 'scorched earth' policy.

Sixth density entities are very stapled to the earth, they really live here and do not consider themselves that different from the other people living here. They believe, wrongly, that everyone is like them. Fifth density entities just need to be less aloof, fourth need to be less naive etc.

To them, things will not change for this very reason.

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