Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Star Wars meanderings.

I'm watching Star Wars the Clone wars. I think I'm in love with one of the characters. Ahsoka Tano, reveals and doesn't reveal just enough in clothing. Feminine voice, large eyes, nice figure, feminine facials expressions and deeply feminine, with a sparky personality that sometimes argues back.

... and one that I will never find myself in a position where I have to withdraw the natural positive emotion I might feel because of some messed up game inside her head!

Ha ha.

Watching her lust after this young boy and him not being interested in her or the other gifts she offers is just torment... Wake up man!


I do largely wonder what I am doing here in honesty. People have turned up in my life in the perfect place and perfect time and rather than be positive in some way, they seemed to have gone unbelievably out of their way to make my life difficult... and, there seems to be little way of straightening things out, and certainly no way of going further than that into justice for bad things done.

Anyway, here we are. One of the things I have mentioned before is for spiritual reasons I keep certain habits in place. I broke one of these the other day, I ate meat outside fish. But soon after I regretted it because I tasted the fatty dead taste. So to make sure I'm not a hypocrite I mention it here.

Star Wars:

All my previous criticisms of Star Wars the Force Awakens remain especially the part about telekinetic abilities and bad swordfighting choreography. But I watched the film and there are some positive parts. One of which is that Finn is a very interesting and funny character although he seemed to get less interesting towards the end of the film. I had several laugh out loud moments with Finn.

Now I have watched it I'm kind of wondering what to think of it. It looks like, from the leaks, several of the good ideas that have been floating around a while have been incorporated into the show; including a way to explain away Rey's unnatural ability to do everything, such as ride space ships and use the force with no experience in this life of either.

Mostly, it seems to me that this show has reflections of a new kind of elite agenda. Like Maleficent it is about bringing the message that the bad guys, no matter how bad they have been, can earn forgiveness and with Kylo Rens potential gravitation to the light despite his obvious darkness, it may be that he is being set up for this message. A Sith converting to the light is a notable missing piece of the Star Wars Universe outside perhaps the last moments of certain Sith.

Something is missing from this movie though, that is a big part of Star Wars and that is warmth and magic of the series. Episode IV is a very magical film. 'A new hope'. Luke slowly becoming more powerful and being the hope against such an undefeatable foe. Episodes I through III had that magical feeling because there were groups of Jedi around. The magic of the force in I. Romantic love partly in II and those themes plus personal relationships in III.

But there is nothing positive in the Force Awakens. In that way, it reflects how life actually feels at the moment for a lot of us. It is an accurate reflection in that way. But what has happened since the Empire has collapsed at the end of episode VI? There was a Republic before the Empire. Why are the First Order just as powerful as the Republic government in this?

I outlined my own idea for this film (in a post I cannot now find). That the gang from the IV to VI episodes were together and had created Jedi Schools and other things but the darkside was rising in secret through the medium of claiming the right of free speech in order to practice the dark side. So there are hundreds of temples where people are learning the dark side.

The Republic is strong and has ships and, of course, in this film I'm outlining there is a lot of intricate goings on with Luke and his new Apprentice (Rey) investigating these dark force peeps. At the end of this episode we find the dark side has a new ship with a hull so powerful it is immune to laser fire and can simply fly slowly through a shielded Republic ship in the process destroying it.

But this narrative cannot be put forward because the negative side infiltrates and to see this infiltration happening in fiction would be too politically sensitive. The dark side in my film has basically politically claimed a safe space where it can grow its forces. For some reason nothing that feels fresh or new at all can enter this series (everything is a repeat of what happened before with minor changes). The series has to have dumbed down characters and a constant feeling of rationalisation rather than magic. The magical world to use a script writing term, the place the hero enters within the story... That magical world in this film is literally a magical world. But it is not really a magical world in the sense that it feels magical. Because the only real magic is love that is not present.

... and the magical world has to have it's own rules that can't be violated. This episode VII violated those rules when Kylo Ren's telekinesis stopped working because the scriptwriters just decided it did.

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