Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Small health chat.

One of the things I have mentioned on this blog before is spirituality, and admitting where I go wrong because to say I hold something as a value and then secretly not hold it is hypocrisy.

I have had two incidents that could potentially be seen as that.

One was when I got a meal I didn't ask for at a Chinese restaurant. I don't eat meat outside fish but there was something in it, probably duck. I regretted this when I'd eaten a most of the meal because of its incredibly fatty taste and don't plan to go back to eating fish anytime soon.

I also, with alcohol, had this work do where I my voice disappeared and only re- appeared after the relaxation of a glass of wine. I'm sticking to a more relaxed rule on alcohol now.

Today I am having another glass of wine because sleeping has become a serious problem. Very bad, if I don't sleep today then I am in very dodgy territory.

I plan to experiment with Valerian, but because I can't risk it not working or an unforeseen side effect tomorrow. Today I'm going to have one Nytol (two screws with your head) and a large glass of wine.

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