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Another very new agey one. From my Bring4th blog. Sixth Density Women.

Yet again, all this light is kind of pummeling out of me. I wonder vaguely at who I am and how other people are and if any of us have the choice to be different in any fundamental way... But of course I know the answer to that... A big fat no!

The last post here concerned relating to sixth density entities; but also acts as a basic explanation of said entities, contrasting these with fifth density entities.

You may have noticed in my cases of sixth density entities I used three men and one woman, the one woman has already been identified as a sixth density entity by the Law of One material and there was not much said there. But there are other personal and professional examples of this, that I steered away from perhaps a little for free will reasons, (also momentum of the article). However, I saw a video of her today and realised that if she had read the article, and/ or have been inclined to this information it would take her all of ten seconds to realise which density she is from.

Meet, another staple of the "Alt -Right" Lauren Southern:

Perhaps this is not the best video to show of her to illustrate what I am trying to say but it is the most recent so I'll stick with this.

Opposing political ideology to Carla but we can work with that. So the first video I saw of Lauren I was still putting together my views on densities (kind of subconsciously) and she was talking about feminism and it's theories, but there was a personal element to it, she recieved a book about it in the post and deconstructed it. But the analyses didn't reference the larger picture I would normally expect.

She tends to place herself deeply in the thick of things and has come under mild physical attack.

I will expand on what she is saying in this video in a bit but there is another element here, Lauren Southern seems to attract a lot of attention to her 'attractiveness'. Even though other women are as attractive as her, with other women it often seems that men acknowledge it and keep it to themselves, but with Lauren this is not the pattern. (She is pretty buttoned up here it is not obvious).

The physicality of a fifth and sixth density entity differs, and it has taken me a while to realise, but the sacral chakra energy, the 'sexual attraction' works in a different way in both types of entities. Contrast with this girl who seems fifth density to me;

...with her, because the information is so fast you lose considerations of the attractiveness. There are other relevant fifth density entities here I further do not want to mention :(.

So if we consider what the densities are made of, what they mean and what we know of the entities. We are told in the Law of One that the fifth density entity is 'light on it's feet'. There is an incredible slenderness to the fifth density woman (who is not overweight). They also produce information/ wisdom and something about the space around them, their aura, the 'shield' so to speak discourages the outward expression of those kinds of sexual statements. 

The sixth density entity does not work with this same kind of shielding. It feels like any shield there is is more malleable, and not so much like an advanced security field (for the 5d guys!) The sixth density entity is working with both the 'love' of sixth density and the deeper form of wisdom known as 'power'.

Lauren Southern, despite her sexiness, is not as physically delicate as some women. Her body is tall and slightly imposing. This fleshy aspect is synonymous with 'love'. That is the body aspect of this. There is another aspect of this in that her sexiness is not just in her body, but has a spiritual element. That I don't quite understand so will not comment further.

Now to what Lauren was practically trying to say in this video. The internet has brought us all together. The American 'alt right' and the British were both on twitter talking about Brexit together and now are both talking about Trump together. Soon enough other countries will be involved to it's just that those two have had politically big events happen and both speak English.

Just before I came on here I went on zerohedge and saw an article summary asking 'Is there likely to be civil war here'? There are two groups. The alt right/ libertarian and the liberal left. They don't have anything in common and they really hate each other.

Well, perhaps, but more likely not. I actually work with people of all different political persuasions and because the work is hard people come together simply because they have to. England is perhaps less full on than America though, (especially with the alienating effect of mass immigration on a smaller island); America has always been more patriotic, and there is more activity and funding into what is said to be the most powerful office in the world.

But it's true that the liberals and the populist right are not friends. I have had people break contact over political issues; and, this is the rub... Most of the alt right do not give a crap about the liberals. They are tired of what they percieve to be constant whining and would celebrate with champagne the current liberal protests being shut down with deadly force.

But here is Lauren Southern trying to bridge the gap... There are also other times she has done so that have sounded less preachy. (Preachy wasn't what I first thought when I heard this video).

There is a difference to when a sixth density entity says this to when a fifth density entity does. One, that it has come from her and not a higher ideal that has been studied through wisdom and two, it just is, they are made of something different

What is to be done with these Sixth density girls? I strongly believe as I have stated here before that people should 'be' with their own densities. Even though mismatched densities might be attracted for a variety of reasons (there is less challenging relationships that way).

I'll be sure to remember that if a sixth density girl throws herself at me *sigh*. But that is slightly what I am getting at... What is to be done with female entities that turn up and are spiritually very advanced, have no idea about that, the sex drive has never been rational, are they vulnerable to being taken advantage of or are they superior to us hence always having the upper hand in actuality?

Who knows. 

I wonder, when the 'cabal' do get overthrown and the dust settles, will it be the sixth density entities that are working with them? Fifth have often seemed to me suited to leadership, it is them who direct all the fourth density entities according to the LoO.

If that were the case, it would make sense from what we know of the history of the Law of One entity prior to 1980's!

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